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Top 25 Best App To Chat With Strangers For Android And iOS in 2020: Chat Online With Strangers

Top 25 Best App To Chat With Strangers For Android And iOS in 2020: Chat Online With Strangers Posted On
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There are times when we are damn bored and cannot think of doing anything but spend time with someone. However, this isn’t always possible given that people are all busy. This is where stranger chat comes handy. Venting out all that you feel, to someone who would probably never judge you is an easy way out. While video chat with strangers seems to be an excellent idea, it is desirable that you be cautious about which app to choose and how to use.

Here, we have enlisted 25 of the best apps that allow video chat with strangers for you to expand your social group and also enjoy chatting anonymously in 2020.

Top 25 Best App To Chat With Strangers For Android And iOS in 2020: Chat Online With Strangers

01. Badoo – Make New Friends

More of a dating app, Badoo is one of the available choices for people looking for a date. The app has nearly one million active users and so you can find one according to your interests. The app is totally free and does not question the security of the user. You can also use the app to connect with people in your locality and further arrange a quick meet. It has a huge community and expands to more than 190 nations. Badoo also has the option of using the app offline.


02. Qeep – Serious Dating App

A social networking community, Qeep falls among the most popular app from doing video chat with strangers. Of course, having a conversation with someone you hardly know, being concerned about privacy is a must and Qeep seems to truthfully stand by it. It has more than 35 million active users, Qeep helps users create a room where each can share their stories. For privacy seekers, it also has a separate chat option where you can directly connect with the user you want to chat with. It shows you a profile of users that map your interest or there are games that can be played to find the best match. No wonder why it encounters more than 15k new users each day.


03. Hola

Similar to Tinder, Hola is an anonymous chatting app. It would be fair to deem it as a dating app, yet it has features that allow you to enter in stranger chat. If you are more of a video chat person, there is an in-app video call feature which connects you live with the other user. Working simply, the app tracks users in close vicinity to your fed area and connects you with users having the highest match. Not to forget, Hola cares about its users and so integrates a two-step sign in where you need not only enter the mobile number but also authenticate the same with an OTP. So, ready to make friends?



04. Sweet Dates

A name in the dating app community, sweet dates has an attractive interface that would undoubtedly lure your interest. Whether you are seeking a partner, a friend, or a mate, sweet dates allow you to meet all. It filters profile based on the geographical location with the topmost being closest to your locality. As you swipe up the users, click like on the one that interests you. If the other also clicks on your profile, you too can then proceed to a private chat. There are additional features, one being sweet like when a special message is sent by a user to you telling what he/she liked about you.


05. Hitwe

An excellent app to video chat with strangers, Hitwe is one of the fastest random chat apps available. It helps you connect with people anonymously locking privacy and safeguarding your security. The app has an in-app calling feature that ensures no personal information is shared. Also, there are plenty of emoticons and snickers embedded to help you personalize your chat feed. With more than 100 million active users, Hitwe is now turning as the best chatting app.

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06. Chat For Strangers by FunPokes

One of the most exciting video chat apps, chat for strange has a huge community of users that are active throughout the day. Meeting friends, making dates and socializing, chat for strangers is the one-stop solution for random chats. Such a feature is not just unique but also exciting. It’s an excellent way to sway off boredom and connect with like-minded people. This app has filters of age, gender, and interest streamlining your search space. So, get ready to indulge in one to one chats through this amazing app.


07. RandoChat – Chat roulette

If you are or probably were an Omegle user, then you will definitely love what RandoChat has to offer. With exciting themes and trending mimics, RandoChat allows you to maintain total security and chat privacy. It does not store any of the message or media history. The chat automatically gets deleted after being read. In addition to this, you do not require any sort of login to use the app. One limitation to the usage of this app is your age. It does not permit users below 18 years to access the app. So, if you fall out of this and seeking someone to spend some time chatting, the random chat is a place to head towards. Make and meet a new friend here


08. Skout

Video chats tend to freak you out but not when you are using a secured platform. Skout is one such video chatting app that caters to the privacy of user data. It is tailored to map the expectations of a user who is bored enough to do anything but chat. Meant both for the Android and the iOS users, skout helps you track people around you,  connect with them, share likes and dislikes and if interested, you two can further meet. However, the best thing about this video chat with stranger app is that it allows users to hide their personal details showing only what they find it necessary to be displayed.


09. Omegle

If you are a frequent user of random chat apps, you surely would have heard about Omegle. It is one of the oldest and most common video chat apps. Omegle by default hides all your data from the user. Once you are inside the chat room, it automatically connects you to a stranger and you both can then start a conversation. In case you find someone attractive and worth talking to, you can then continue the communication or simply quit.


10. Mico

An easy to use or easy to connect app,  mico gives users the freedom to connect with strangers online and if legitimate, they can further be part of video chats. It has a simple interface and is available both for Android and iOS. You need to sign in which can easily be done through your Facebook account. Once you are through, you can now find people from across the globe. Filter your searches based on gender, interest, language or specifically your location.

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11. Flurv

Among the best video chat with stranger app, Flurv helps you connect with having similar interests and likes. It filters users based on your current location narrowing down the search space. Whether you want to simply chat or have a video call or even meet, Flurv is an ideal place to start communicating. Additionally, Flurv has a search feature where you can enter any specific location. Nearby notifications and last check out feature make it one of the top video chat apps to connect with random users. Choose between basic and premium plan to start connecting.

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12. Stranger By Brainsoft

Created using an optimized algorithm, Stranger by Brainsoft is another choice for stranger chatting apps. The app has an attractive interface with in-app filtering feature that allows users to sort their preferences and likewise search. Stranger helps users connect to people from across 200 countries in the least possible time and in the most efficient way. Whereat the start, you chat on a common room, if you are comfortable enough to take the conversation forward you can switch to a private room. Also, stranger by Brainsoft adds your new acquaintance to the list of friends so from next time you don’t have to find one.


13. Azar

With more than 10 million active users, Azar is one the most fruitful stranger chatting apps you should consider when looking for anonymous chats. The app has been designed both for Android and iOS platform. The interface is simple and you can connect with people from across the globe easily. You can streamline the search based on the gender and location. Here too,  you can friends to your list of known people to save time in future. The video calling feature is available on both mobile data and WiFi connectivity. So, get started with voice calling with Azar today.


14. Whisper

Having some of the coolest features, whisper has attracted user attention in the smallest time possible. It has more than 1 million active users trying to find a friend. It’s not easy though, but with an exclusive stranger chat app: whisper you can quickly connect with a mate. Either you can send a direct message or alternatively place a heart on their profile. This use,  if interested would connect back to you and there starts a new phase of friendship. Whisper has the option of filtering your search space on the basis of interests, likes/dislikes,  age, gender, and locality. It helps you indulge in video chatting options utilizing the feature of in-app calls.


15. Between

A secluded portal where you can meet strangers, connect with them and build a relationship, between is among the top video chat with stranger app. You can have a quick chat, share media and schedule a place for your first meet up. The app has trending emoticons, stickers, and GIFs that help you share better your feelings. The app has a way of storing both media and chat history. So, even if you lose your device or change one, you can at any time restore all data. The app also offers a shared calendar where you and your friend could track special dates.


16. hi5

Super cool,  right? hi5, by its name, sounds trending and so do the features. It is an online app that aid connecting with your friends, both new and old. The app has this comprehensive feature of hiding details. So, if you are too much concerned on your privacy, the app would not allow anyone sneaks in and stares your details. In addition to the above, using the hi5 app you can filter your feed based on your age, gender, location, and interests. The app falls among the most frequently downloaded dating app with more than one million downloads. So, chat, flirt or even meet strangers using the hi5 app.


17. MeetMe

With a range of options, MeetMe is another stranger meeting app that is available both on Android and iOS. Users can easily connect with people randomly. You can narrow down your search operation based on different factors such as age, locality, gender, and interests. It is similar to other social media apps where you can interact and befriend with people having similar likes and dislikes. The app has a 4-star rating and more than 100 million users actively using the app to meet and date new people. The app allows to directly connect over chat or even call.  Don’t worry, the app will never leak any of your private data.


18. Waplog

Another in the list of top video chat with stranger app, Waplog is an easy to use flirting or dating platform. Users can look out for people with similar interest and then connect with them directly through the app. The app is accessible in more than 25 nation’s and has more than 60 million activities users. Use Waplog to create new friends and date them, if you like. You can seek people having interests similar to yours, belonging to your age, in your location or probably near to yours. You can also lookup in the suggested people list or search friend’s using someone’s photo. The app has a wonderful interface allowing you to make friends as easily as possible.


19. meet new people

As the name says, the app is primarily meant for the singles looking to mingle. However, limiting the scope of the app to singles alone would not be right. It allows anyone or everyone to connect, chat, meet and be friendly with strangers. In layman’s term, is a meet and greet app available both to the iOS and Android app users. The app has a range of emoticons, gifs, and stickers that turn your conversation interesting and fun-loving. The app also has a selfie option so that you can click pictures right on the app and share with your new friend.


20. Twoo

Want to meet new friends online? Head towards the app store and download this amazing app that allows you to text, make a voice call or even do video chat with strangers in a single click. Twoo is one of the most popular dating apps using which users can find a mate. You can also reduce your search space by filtering out a profile based on your interest, hobby,  age,  gender, location, etc. The app is available both for Android and iOS users. Also, it has a basic and premium version. However, opting for a paid version is not mandatory and you can continue with the basic one.


21. Cake

With a unique idea and intuitive interface, Cake is a live streaming video chat app that helps users indulge in strangers chat. The cake is accessible by users of iOS as well as Android. You can connect with an old friend and also a new one. The app has an anonymous chat room for a generic chat, however, if you find someone worthy enough to connect with, the app has private rooms too. So, don’t worry about your privacy. Finding a stranger and starting a video chat is just one click away with the one-button feature of cake.



Another meet and greet app, LOVOO has this extensive option doing video chatting with strangers. The app is free to use and helps find strangers for connecting easily. The app has an inbuilt radar which notifies users on nearby strangers allowing them to connect with ease of one click. So, you won’t ever find it hard to believe with strangers, you find on LOVOO. Because of its radar, it filters out your feed displaying a profile of only those users who are close to your community.


23. Vent

Now, not every person strives to find a date or a mate. Some only seek to be heard or given advice on something important. And vent is one place that does exactly what we just read. Vent has an anonymous interface that hides users identity and so you can express all that you feel without having the fear of being judged. Though you don’t require a comprehensive login a registration process where you simply need to enter an email address and of course verify the same. Once done, you are good to go.


24. Just talk

Another is our of best video chat with stranger app is Aye. The app streamlines the search by refining the same based on the user’s interest, age, the gender of the locality. All you need to do is pen a username and get started. This will expose you to a random chat room. However, you can at any time switch to private rooms to enter into a quick conversation or a video call.


25. Kik

The last on our list is Kik. It has excellent features that enable users to enter into a video chat with strangers. You can either be part of a private chat or a group chat. The app allows you to send text messages, stickers and also emojis personalizing your conversation. The only thing required to use the app is a unique user name.


So, you see the list has many of the chat apps. The choice is yours. Go with the one that you find best.


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