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Top 11 Best Email Client For Linux Software

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True that browsers have narrowed down the process of checking emails with the only requirement of user credentials. However, the popularity of browser-based emails does not seem to diminish the trend set by desktop-based emails. Even today, many of the online users prefer checking emails over desktop. If you are interested in finding out the best email client’s for Linux, let’s uncover them together.

Top 11 Best Email Client For Linux Software

1. Mailspring

Popularly known as Nylas mail, Mailspring email programs are one of the most reliable ones backed up by open web technologies. With a modern interface designed specifically for the users, Mailspring helps you boost productivity alongside a plethora of features making it one of the best email clients for Linux.

  1. A Single Inbox: Mailspring allows viewing all emails in a single interface. It is proven to support almost every email provider. From Gmail to Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Yahoo, Mailspring is compatible with all providers.
  2. Attractive Signature Editor: Use images to craft beautiful signatures and create an everlasting impression.
  3. Ease Of Translation: Business is not restricted to a single language and Mailspring is there to look after it. Using Mailspring you can translate your email into languages like Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German and French.
  4. Streamline Search Operation: Mailspring indexes users emails so that you can search them using search queries.

2. Hiri

A business-centric email program designed mainly for business purposes, Hiri performs multiple tasks. Starting with receiving and sending emails to maintaining calendar, contacts and scheduled task, Hiri is the one-stop solution for all business requirements of an email client.

  1. Draft Group Mails: Worried about task notifications and corresponding assignment, well hiri is here to help your pitch actionable emails along with providing support in team delegation.
  2. Personalized Dashboard: Hiri extends support to an attractive dashboard with customized information and features.
  3. Calendar Integration: An inbuilt calendar to help amalgamate tasks and manage your schedule effectively.
  4. Filtering Emails: Hiri has the option to segment emails into two parts: Actionable and FYI. Primary clients fall under the actionable section where the email clients on CC list move to the FYI section.

3. Thunderbird

Loaded with a plethora of features, Thunderbird is another Linux email client that helps you keep track of all your emails under the same head. Thunderbird is a completely free email client for Linux platform. There is volunteer donation option available if you want to support the developers.

  1. Chat Support: Provides support to various social platform chat options.
  2. In-Built Spam Filter: Thunderbird has its own filter that aides swaying off the junk emails all by itself.
  3. Personalized Dashboard: It has the option to change the device screen thereby giving it a customized look and feel.
  4. Filters: Advanced search and keyword filters quicken the process of finding emails.
  5. Secured: Protection from phishing activities.

4. KMail

KMail is another free of charge email client for Linux with great features. The email client of Kontact, kmail fits perfectly with the environment of KDE. KMail is actually an amazing alternative to Gmail as it provides a complete suite of features including email client, organiser, Notes, address book, Akregator etc.

  1. Secured: Kmail provides features linked with end to end encryption, transport encryption, HTML content isolation, and spam protection.
  2. Extremely Powerful: Capability to work offline, segments emails based on different identities and infusion of a flexible template adds to the features of this Linux email client.
  3. Effective Searches: Message tagging and indexing aids remote search capabilities.
  4. Seamless Integration: Kmail is seen to integrate your email list with address book, invitations and booking emails.

5. Evolution

The product of the GNOME project emerging as one of the best email clients for Linux. It is more of an information management personal application that aides mail integration, the functionality of address book and calendaring.

  1. Management Of Contact: An inbuilt address book help manage all your contacts easily.
  2. Integration of Calendar: Email account integration with device calendar keeping track of all your recent events and activities.
  3. Inbuilt Spam Filter: SpamAssassin is used by evolution to filter junk mails.
  4. Support To Plugin: Evolution extends its support to additional plugins.

6. Geary

The open source email client for Linux, Geary is another stable Linux email proven to effectively manage emails.

  1. Attractive Interface: Geary’s new update is seen to induce a modern interface that boosts sending and managing emails with GNOME integration.
  2. Readable Emails: The look and feel are no doubt effective but along with this, the replies given by Geary is as much similar to the Gmail client. The notification itself help in replying promptly without necessitating the need of opening emails.

7. Claws

Claws-mail is among the highly trusted Linux emails nationwide. It is multi-functional and has extended support to varied plugins. However, Claws is not apt for HTML emails. All emails are stored in the MH format or the Mbox format for the mailbox. It is free, open source and based on GTK.

  1. Configuration: Manual configuration surpassing the possibility of errors.
  2. Highly Responsive: Modern search and filtering tools adds to the speed of emails fetched via claws.
  3. Stable: Claws has a robust environment aiding total stability
  4. Plugins: Claws has an array of features and of all, support to plugins is the most ideal one.

8. Sylpheed

Another name in our list of the best email client for Linux,  Sylpheed also used the interface of GTK and extremely light in weight aiding effective pitching of emails. Licensed under GPL, SYLPHEED is an open source email client laying an easy to use interface overloaded with configuration features.

  1. Reliable: Integrating the feature of one-mail-to-one-file format, sylpheed is the most reliable Linux email client. It further provides support to external plugins.
  2. Intuitive Interface: With a modern, well polished and attractive interface, sylpheed boosts management and pitching of emails. It has a structured configuration that adds to its operability.
  3. Performance: Since sylpheed is coded in C language, it easily handles a huge amount of data. 

9. Zimbra Desktop

Though Zimbra is primarily meant for the Linux environment, it extends its function on Windows and iOS platforms too. It is a well-organised email client that works on an enterprise level.

  1. Security: Zimbra integrates a robust environment that is totally secure and free from phishing acts.
  2. One Stop Solution: Zimbra configures all email simultaneously thereby synchronizing them under the same roof. You need not switch between interfaces for different business emails. Zimbra incorporates emails of both local and cloud in the same screen.
  3. Flexibility: Zimbra combines with calendars, contacts, and emails to keep you updated on all events.

10. SeaMonkey

The software suite of Mozilla, SeaMonkey has multiple elements which include emails, feed newsgroup, and web browser. As it is backed by Mozilla, features, and functionality of SeaMonkey is same as that of Thunderbird.

  1. Spam Filter: Inbuilt filters that keep your email list away from junk messages.
  2. Unified Inbox: SeaMonkey integrates email from all accounts under a single roof.
  3. Contact Management: SeaMonkey incorporates your address bookkeeping all your contact information stored securely.

11. Mutt

Mutt is a text-based Linux email client meant basic for Unix system.

  1. Interface: Mutt is a text based client that runs on the terminal.
  2. Security: MIME support along with Pgpi features for the headers encoded.
  3. Support: Mutt provides support to POP3 and IMAP.
  4. Advanced Search: Mutt has options of regular expression searching in addition to the pattern matching features. Also, mutt allows providing an alternative email to find the ones forwarded from other user accounts.
  5. Translation: Mutt enables translating your email to more than 20 different languages.

Now, which email client you choose depends on your requirements. The one that comforts you should be the ideal one. Where Hiri and mainspring are meant for teams, Thunderbird deals with personal usage. So, segment your needs and make your decision.

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