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22 Best Emergency Apps for Hurricanes, Earthquakes Natural Disasters

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When a natural disaster strikes it becomes difficult to survive if you are not aware of it. It is important to keep yourself prepared before any disaster would come and rise your heartbeats.

In addition to getting yourself laden with food, bottled water, and flashlight during the time of crisis (like Hurricane Matthew) you should also keep some more tools. Tools, which will alert you about any natural disaster coming your way, prepare you to tackle them and keep you updated when the crisis is passed.

Now you are thinking how do we know when a natural disaster would come?

Good question!

Well, most of the times you can’t predict natural disasters. With so many improvements in the weather forecast and analysing systems, we can get ourselves to safety before that natural forces to us. We can approximate the path of hurricanes, storms, and locate seismically active regions. Now you can keep yourself out of the harm’s way. Let me tell you if you have some best emergency apps loaded in your Android or iOS phone, it will bring all the information related to any type of disasters to your phone. So, that you will be alert and prepared yourself to face it confidently.

That’s why I came with 22 best emergency apps. With the help of these apps, you will keep yourself and your family secure if any inevitable happens.

Additional Tip: Keep your phones charged when you have any information on coming disaster because these apps can be very helpful but only when your phone is running.

22 Best Emergency Apps for Hurricanes, Earthquakes Natural Disasters

Some of these apps which are listed below use the accelerometer sensor of your phone to measure the vibrations of your location. They are always ready to help you before, at the time and after the natural disaster strikes. Some of them work online and some offline as well. Let’s check out these best emergency apps for Android and iOS devices which can be very helpful:

01. Weather by WeatherBug

It is one of the best emergency apps that provides you with accurate and fast weather alerts and also real-time weather condition of your locality with radar, map, and news.

It uses 18 weather maps such as Doppler radar, lightning alerts, satellite map, precipitation, wind chill, temperature, heat index, pollen, and more, to give you warning of hurricane, earthquake, rain and everything you want to know.

By using the weather widget you can access weather conditions & receive alerts in your notifications area on your home screen.

Price: Free

            17 Best Emergency Apps for Hurricanes, Earthquakes Natural Disasters17 Best Emergency Apps for Hurricanes, Earthquakes Natural Disasters


02. Family Locator: GPS tracker Life 360

If you are too much concern about your family and want to keep them safe and connected, this app is best for you.

Family locator helps you to create own privet group called a circle, with the persons whom you care the most like family members, friends, teammates and able to chat with them in family locator for free. You can also track the location of the members of the group.

It keeps the complete location history of circle members and helps in to track their real-time locations, which is only visible to your circle.

In any natural disaster situation, this app will become very useful to track the last tracked location of a person. So that you can reach to them easily.

Price: Free



03. Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie

At the time of disaster, communication is the main key to survival and by which you can ensure that your family and friends are safe. Zello doing exactly the same here.

Zello uses proprietary low-latency push-to-talk protocol and converts your phone or tablet into Walkie-Talkie through which you can talk up to 2500 people in public and private channels.

It does require internet connection but can also run over a slow internet connection, even on a 2G network.

Price: Free



04. Earthquake Alert

Earthquake alert is one of the best emergency apps that send you real-time alerts of earthquakes near your locality.

However, an earthquake is a type of a natural disaster which can only be tracked when it actually hits.

But this app works so quick that it alerts you 10-20 seconds before the earthquake hits you. Those few seconds are usually enough to run towards a safer place.

In this app, you can also view the earthquake around all over the world in the recent past. It comes with material designed UI, means it looks nice and easy to navigate.

This app is available in both free and pro versions. The free one comes with some ads whereas the pro version has no ads and adds a few additional features to it.

Price: Free/$3.49



05. Earthquake Network

Earthquake Network is a kind of all-in-one app that allows you to track the real-time alerts of the earthquakes detected by the network.

When an earthquake strikes in your locality, this app automatically sends SMS and e-mails to a list of contacts with your precise position in space. This will help you to reach a safe place without even open the app.

You can also send a request of help or can say that you are fine with just one click. The app also lets you see the information on the earthquakes detected by the national and international seismic networks. Earthquake Network has both free and paid version.

Price: Free / $2.99



06. Earthquake Tracker

Earthquake tracker brings all the earthquake alerts and information at your fingertips.

It includes features like near real-time seismic event notifications, interactive map of earthquake activity and two different charts for data.

This app also lets you see how many earthquakes happened and how strong they were.

Earthquake tracker also has a free as well as a paid version. The paid version has no ads. Otherwise, there is no other significant difference between the two.

Price: Free / $3.49



07. Volcanoes And Earthquakes

If you want to track both volcanoes and earthquakes all over the world, then this app is best for you.

This app shows the real-time activity of volcanoes like which are expected to erupt or showing any other activity as well as volcano news from all over the world.

Use the push notifications to get instant alerts of earthquakes and volcanoes. It has a feature like tectonic plate boundaries which shows you the expected areas of a volcanic eruption.

This app has available in free as well as paid versions. In the paid version, you will get more information, no ads, and slightly more granular controls than the free ones.

Price: Free / $5.99



08. My Earthquake Alert

My earthquake alert is one of the best emergency apps that delivers all powerful earthquake information around the world.

You can use the push notifications alerts without any restrictions just for your area so that you can get alert information before an earthquake strikes.

UI of the app is simple, beautiful and easy to navigate. It shows all the recent past earthquakes on a map and in a list.

This app will help you to find the exact location, the depth and the distance away from you where the earthquake strikes.

Price: Free / $1.99



09. Vibration Meter By Gamma Play

Vibration meter by gamma play is a very useful app. It measures vibrations using your device’s sensors on all 3 axes i.e X, Y, Z and refers to the earthquake’s vibration, as classified by the Mercalli Intensity Scale, which is used internationally for seismic activity such as an earthquake.

The Mercalli intensity scale is a seismic scale which used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake.

Vibration Meter called as seismograph or seismometer when used for measuring seismic activity.

Price: Free



10. Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts is a personal safety app created by Google which opens a small network of sharing between your family and friends.

You can add people who you care about as your trusted contacts and they are able to track your location in case of an emergency.

This app allows trusted contacts to request your location. If everything is good, you can deny the request. If you’re not able to respond, your last known location is automatically shared within a custom time frame with your trusted contacts.

It doesn’t need any internet connection and can work offline or even when your phone is out of battery.

Price: Free



11. Offline Survival Manual

If a disaster strikes, you never know what kind of situation you may get stuck in. So, in that position, you need an offline app that helps you as a survival guide.

Offline survival manual is very useful in these situations. It works completely offline and provides information like how to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergency.

It covers some other topics like the use of plants, animals, cold weather, weapons and many more.

Price: Free



12. Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert is also a well-known app that provides early warning about active hazard around the world.

You will become more cautious if you get to know a natural disaster is heading towards your location. Disaster Alert doing exactly the same. It keeps you updated with different types of disaster happening around the world in real time.

List of disaster it tracks includes earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, floods, wildfires, Marine hazards, storms, droughts, and manmade incidents.

By enabling the push notifications, you will get notified about any natural disasters near your area, able to view disasters on an interactive map and learn more about an active hazard.

Price: Free



13. Disaster Prediction

Disaster Prediction App is operated by a group of people who observes solar activity and geographical activity to forecast solar based natural disasters and earthquakes.

This app is a combination of two parallel studies of earth and solar impact on our lives. There is a space weather part and an Earthquake part of the App.

The space weather portion includes the most vital indication for noting important moments where you may want to pay a bit more attention – but most importantly this is your in-hand warning system if the sun ever really decides to rock-and-roll.

However, not all of their predictions come true. But many are quite accurate and good enough to help you take safety precautions before any disaster happen.

Price: Free / $2.99



14. Bull Horn Panic Button

In a time of any natural disasters, if you are in trouble, Bull Horns Panic Button allows you to instantly alert your community, security company or the police to come and help you.

The app has a big panic button that will alert your contacts that you are in trouble and also send your current location to them.

You can add emergency contacts from your contacts list whom you trust the most and official security company that will come to your rescue when in trouble.

Just install the app in your phone, and when a natural disaster hits, a simple tap on the big red button to inform your emergency contacts.

Price: Free



15. PawBoost

We all have a special attraction towards our pets and we never want to lose them. But there is a chance that our loveable pet may get lost during the disaster.

This is where PawBoost shines. It is a community which helps the owner to find there lost pets.

In case if someone has lost their pet, the owner can provide images and details of their pet. Then all the users of PawBoost will be notified.

If someone found the pet, he/she can report back with the picture of the pet.

Price: Free



16. ICE – In Case of Emergency

ICE app allows you to fill out all type your medical information like insurance information, blood group etc. So that a first responder gets all the basic details to give you first AID.

In the situation of any natural disaster and emergency, it brings all of your important medical and relevant personal details into your lock screen, if you are not able to provide them yourself.

Price: Free



17. Natural Disaster Monitor

This is one of the best emergency apps by which you can monitor natural disaster all around the globe.

The app monitors the latest natural disasters like earthquakes, droughts, volcano eruptions, tropical cyclones, tsunamis and floods and shows in colour-coded icons.

The coloured icons indicate the alert level – green, orange, and red. The older the incident will be, the more transparent the icon looks.

Clicking on the icons will bring up more details information about the disaster event. UTM or geographic grids also optionally be displayed on the map.

Price: Free



18. Snapchat

Yes, you read it right. Mashable’s Karissa Bell writes, “Snapchat is turning out to be a major resource for people trying to keep tabs on what’s happening on the ground in Houston. Snapchat users are turning to Snap Maps to keep tabs on flooding and other damage. Introduced earlier this year, Snapchat’s Snap Maps overlays publicly-posted Snaps onto a map so others can view what’s happening.” So it would be better if you are a Snapchat user and it’s because of users only who keep others updated through live updates.

Price: Free



19. Hurricane – American Red Cross

Hurricane is a completely free award-winning app which supports both iOS and Android devices. In addition to tracking and forecasting hurricanes, it provides instructions on what to do before, during and after the hurricane hits your area. Through this app, you can send customized safety alerts on Facebook, Twitter, text and email. It helps you in opening a Red Cross shelter in your area. It also has instructional emergency plans and you can also get aid toolkits (including strobe light, flashlight etc) through this app. This app by American Red Cross gives information about food and water in case your area is hit by flood or power outage. One of the biggest features of this app is that most of its functions work even when there is no internet connectivity. If you are going to face a hurricane then you should install this emergency app.

Price: Free



20. FEMA App by The Department of Homeland Security

FEMA app has also features of Hurricane app like survival tips, emergency checklist, notifications and reminders. In addition, you can set up to get emergency alert notifications for up to five locations so you can keep track of the nearby areas too. One major feature of this government app is that you can upload pictures of disaster-hit areas to help first responders to do planning accordingly. This can save a lot of emergency managers’ time and get help to you faster.

FEMA app helps you in making a list of items that you might need during an emergency and you can plan an assembly point post-disaster and for evacuation. You can contact FEMA personnel at Disaster Recovery Centers and ask for any open shelters near you.

Price: Free


21. Life360 by Life360

During severe natural disasters like hurricanes, volcano eruptions or earthquakes the cellular and data connectivity becomes very weak or completely unavailable. In this kind of situation, Life360 becomes a life-savour. Life360 basically provides all the connectivity features one might need during or after a disaster hits them.

This app allows users to set-up a personal network so you can keep track of your family and friends. You can send personal messages and share your location with loved ones. You can check-in with family members to let them know where you are at and what is the status of your nearby areas. All connected people’s GPS based location is displayed on a map so you can watch each other’s location with respect to each other, it’s a very helpful feature in deciding a meet-up point. You can even make a list of items that you might need and share the list with others so they can grab those things for you.

Price: Free/$ 4.6



22. Gasbuddy

With approaching storms or evacuation processes the patrol pumps could become overcrowded with long lines of cars and trucks trying to get their tanks filled up. Moreover, in natural disaster situations, a shortage of fuel at petrol pumps can even worsen the situation.

In other cases, you may not find a petrol pump near your location due to which you may have to travel long distances to get one ounce of gas. GasBuddy app becomes the saviour in such a situation with its “Fuel Availability Tracker” feature. It checks gas availability in all the nearby petrol pumps and notifies you. It even checks the petrol price per gallon.

Price: Free



All these above mentioned best emergency apps for your android or iPhones may help you before, at the time and after a natural disaster strikes. You never know what will happen when a disaster strikes. So it is always important to be updated with these natural calamities and stay in contact with your family and friends to minimize the effects.


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