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12 Best News Apps For Android Smartphones To Stay Informed In 2020

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Uberification for all has altered the way people live. Evidently, there is an app for all. Whether you want to order food or book a cab, buy a product or play music, watch a video or read the news, the app Play Store has a solution for each and every activity. One that we are about to emulate is the news apps android.

Earlier when you had to read the news or update yourself on the recent happenings across the globe, you would either need to read a paper or switch on the television, right? But that’s not the face anymore. Today, all you got to do is download one of the available news app Android, subscribe to it and done.

So, what is a news aggregator app?

A platform that accumulates data from across the globe and displays all in a single section. Given the fact that people nowadays are too busy to flip pages of a newspaper, such one-stop access apps ease the task of keeping oneself updated. Apparently, these apps are tailored in the sense that has different segments adhering to various sections or topics. For instance, a user can click on the cricket segment or the editorial part to get information related to the same. In a way, news apps render genre-specific content to the user, optimizing their reading experience.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of news apps flooded over the play store and choosing among them, the best news app for Android would seem arduous. Don’t worry, we have got your back. If you are muddling with the choices, this article is the one tailored to ease your job. We have enlisted 12 of the best news app for Android, you can consider when looking for one.

12 Best News Apps For Android Smartphones To Stay Informed In 2020

Google News

The king of the internet world, Google has its very own news app, Google News. The Google News App is decked up with some of the fascinating features, with AI-driven feed leading the charge. The app has an excellent interface with lucrative designs and covers almost every topic. A separate “For You” tab highlights the top trending content, filtered on the basis of the past activities of the user. What makes this news app a favourite of all is its feature of rendering personalized content.

Another feature that facilitates the acceptance of Google News App as the top Android app is Full Coverage. The above focuses on displaying the same story by multiple authors so that you get a full-fledged idea of the same. You can stay updated about any incoming natural disaster.

  • AI-specific personalized content.
  • In-built recommendation system
  • Download popular feed for future reference
  • Everyday notifications of trending events across the globe.
  • Features such as Full Coverage and For You amplifies user experience.


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BBC News

Every app or every business has this tendency to be inclined towards one part of the news, concealing the real picture. However, such is not the case with the BBC News app. It is a well-known fact that BBC, till date stands as one of the unbiased news media. And the app created to orchestrate the news channel offers a similar line of content.

The app has been designed in a way that it displays news report of all countries in a single click. Evidently, BBC News is one of the oldest and highly trusted news channel offering exceptional content to its users. The news app also embeds a live-streaming option giving users the choice to indulge in a TV-like experience. Customized notifications for the subscribers on every news posted on the app, significant to their genre or type.

  • Live BBC Radio
  • Personalized news is given only when enabled by the users.
  • Permission-based approach.
  • Follow-up news
  • Varied choice of layout.
  • Seamless sharing of news across social media.


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Microsoft News

One of the leading enterprises, Microsoft has its wings spread across all domains. You might use at least one Microsoft aided software each day. With mailing services, virtual assistants, office 365 and many more, Microsoft manages to stay in the news. And this time with the news. An excellent news app Android, Microsoft News aka MSN News delivers to the point, straightforward and robust content to its readers. A lucrative user interface, user-friendly designs, and frictionless experience, Microsoft news app portrays personalized news for you.

One thing that might vex you has sponsored ads. The interface of the Microsoft news app is such that you would find it hard to distinguish between an original article and the paid ones. So, be cautious at what you read and where you read.

  • Well-structured, meaningful news.
  • Sync your preferences across mobile and web.
  • Dark mode for night time.
  • Content carried from 3000+ brands.


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You hate it or you love it but you cannot ignore it. One news app that sits silently in your app drawer, notifying you about the recent events and activities, taking place across the globe, Flipboard is one of the most appealing news app Android. Alluring designs and eye-catching layout, the app has all that you need to attune your knowledge with worldwide news. Equipped with some of the industry-leading newspapers and magazines, the app is a storehouse of articles, videos, sliders, etc.

The app gives its readers the ease to personalize their feed and select the topics of their interest. And voila, it’s free!

  • Animations, videos, articles.
  • Get the latest updates from The New York Times, National Geography, etc.
  • Look and feel of a digital magazine
  • Embed story themes within the feed to picture a customized view.


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Reddit is not just an app but a community of people that are part of it. Whether you want to stay informed reading news, or be part of a message board that allows you to interact with people or just a platform that metaphorically, is a social media portal, Reddit is the one for you. The best news app for Android, Reddit explores beyond the ideology of just a news app. It would not be wrong to deem it as the fusion of interesting and entertaining news. Whereat one end, Reddit accumulates an enormous amount of worldly news, it is a place for the meme lovers too.

Anything from viral video or trending vines, Reddit has all for you. For the typical newsreaders that simply seek a platform to gain information, Reddit might disappoint you but for someone who is actively interested in everything that happens, it is the best.

  • An active community for you to upload and interact.
  • Personalized news feed for a better experience.
  • Totally secured and privacy-oriented.
  • Sort content based on its relevancy, controversy, and popularity.
  • Enable creation or subreddits.


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One of the fastest-growing startups, InShorts is the first choice of a majority of the startup needs today. Call it their inspiration or their motivation, the app has been growing since its inception. Who thought that they could read the news in just 60 words? Yes, that’s right. InShorts is an alias to the 60-word summary. All of the articles, posts, and listicles are word restricted and only to 60 words. Trust me, it is an excellent way to drive interest and motivate people to get acquainted with the latest news without spending hours.

The ‘My Feed Tab’ in the app is designed to help you pick up stories of your interest and then receive notifications on them. What’s more? You need not go back and forward to read the news. Simply swipe right and there it is.

  • Capsule-sized information in 60 words.
  • Trading news in a single click
  • Based on the Indian audience.


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Another popular news app for Android is that of DailyHunt. This app is also known for delivering unbiased content to its readers at a pace faster than ever. In fact, it is believed that the app has an update every minute and covers all of the channels of news as well as multinational companies. Different genres, multiple nations, and one app, that daily hunt for us.

  • Location-specific news
  • Accommodates top article’s from popular MNCs.
  • Every minute update
  • Multi-language news feed.
  • Live cricket and football news


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CNN News

Apparently, one of the oldest news channels serving worldwide news and information, CNN News is an exquisite news aggregator app. Diverse content, personalized feed, top CNN news, the app encompasses all. With the mobile version of their site, the app has managed to find a place in millions of devices across the globe. The app has multiple options including live streaming and trending news.

  • Live TV and on-demand video.
  • Story updates, news clippings, and additional photo galleries.
  • Award-winning films and original CNN series.


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The Hindu

Personally my favourite, the Hindu app has all that you need. All of the feed is segmented into parts. From national to international, sports, editorial, trending, business, book & lifestyle and many more, the app is beautifully designed, rendering an exceptional reading experience. The readers can share, comment and bookmark news articles for future reference. The app has a premium version that comes along with a bed of enticing features. Personalized content, every morning content briefs, ad-free experience, and lightning-fast page load speed, all are part of the pro version of the app.


  • Segmented verticals shedding light on all topics
  • Exhaustive coverage of worldly affairs, current states, literature, and arts, etc.
  • Includes more than 12 languages
  • In-depth news analyzes.


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Smart News

As the name states, the app is smart enough to gain recognition in a shorter time span. Every second, millions of articles, blog posts and other news related content are analyzed, assessed and segmented into the type. The app facilitates scheduling the time when you wish to get notified about a piece of particular news, or to be specific, select the time intervals between which you wish to get updates. The inception of smart news mode allows readers to enjoy a friction-free news reading experience even in a poor or slow network. To top this, the app also has an option of offline mode where you can seamlessly brush up your day with articles.

  • Smart news mode
  • Offline compatibility
  • Analyzes millions of articles to put them under the right news tray


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News Break

Not the best, but yes the news break app manages to find a place in the list of best news app for Android. The interface of the app is pretty simple and embed certain tabs, designed to provide round to clock personalized news information. The following and the For You tab being two of them. Readers can at the start specify their interest on the basis of genre and topic and get relevant content inboxed directly to them. The app also supports the night mode feature giving you the ease to read the news on the go.

Though the app is region-restricted, the content as published on the app is unbiased and covers major topics of interest.

  • Sharing buttons
  • Night mode features
  • Short news delivered on the lock screen
  • User-friendly interface


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And the last in our list is Feedly. Supposedly known as the successor of Google Reader, Feedly is an all-news app and does not keep room for unwanted, irrelevant news, basically the ones from cosmetic brands. The app is appropriate for users who prefer reading from trusted sources and are very choosy when it comes to staying informed about worldly events. The app is ultralight and super fast. As a reader, you have the freedom to pick and subscribe to significant topics and receive notifications from the same.

  • Genuine sources
  • Multiple genre’s
  • Extend support to RSS feed
  • Eye-catching layouts
  • Create your own feed.


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Final Word

The news coverage and articles are indefinite and so are the channels. While opening the play store and searching for an app, you would be bombarded with thousands of options. Each has decent ratings, some higher than average, few below the reference figure and some not insight. Picking one among them is a hefty task. While we cannot assure you to solve your problem but the list mentioned above might be of some help when filtering out the best news app for Android.

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