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6 Best Productivity Apps to Beating Procrastination

6 Best Productivity Apps to Beating Procrastination Posted On
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Beating Procrastination is the one thing on everyone’s new year’s resolution list. Working consistently can become quite difficult with so many kinds of distractions and temptations around us. Social media, smartphones, videos, emails, fun games take up a lot of our time. What happens ultimately is that work gets delayed and the habit to procrastinate becomes a common thing. Efficiency and productivity are hampered to a great extent and overall performance sees a downhill trend. The effects of procrastination are often overlooked, but the consequences are quite grave.

Mentioned below are 6 best productivity apps which can help in beating procrastination and betters productivity & performance in work.

6 Best Productivity Apps to Beating Procrastination


1. Evernote

Evernote is a notebook app and works on Android, Web, Windows, Mac, iOS. You can note down your ideas, your reminders, your to-do lists and any other kinds of notes that you want to remember. Use the built-in camera tool or the drag in file feature in the app for scanning and keeping track of documents. Everything remains organized in the system. A custom productivity system can be built with proper tagging. You can clip recipes, articles and online references to the notebook. Save anything as a note and progress in your work efficiently.


  • Inexpensive
  • Automatically backs up to cloud
  • Flexible


  • Cannot block deleting entries
  • Cannot index

Download: Evernote


2. Foxit

If you want to share legal documents, briefs, design drafts, forms, and formatted e-books, PDF is the best thing. PDF files are nothing but the digital equivalent of paper. Most of the devices support PDF files. It is possible to view and edit PDF files in Foxit’s online editor. Along with viewing and editing the files, it is also possible to convert the existing files to PDF format. You also do not need to download Acrobat for signing PDF forms. If there is a problem in the existing PDF, it can be edited online or in the mobile apps or Foxit’s desktop. You can do lots of things in PDF files from anywhere. The app can work for all kinds of business needs.


  • Lightweight compared to competitors
  • Can be integrated with most web browsers


  • Cannot edit PDFs
  • Doesn’t support multimedia features

Download: Foxit


3. Pixlr

This app is used for editing images and works on the web, Android and iOS. For photo editing, Photoshop is still the most popular app, but Pixlr is also making quite a mark in photo editing requirements. Whether you want to blur out text, remove a small dot, add annotations to a story with some image, Pixlr can be of great use. The app can be used on mobile as well as on the web. The app is extremely user-friendly and comes with different kinds of core adjustment tools. Various kinds of effects and graphics can be added with the help of the tool. There are different versions of the app and you can choose the one which will suit your editing requirements.


  • Advanced features
  • Works with Google Drive


  • Ads
  • Some bugs



4. Todoist

Organizing tasks and staying productive has got easier with the Todoist app, which works well on Android, web, Windows, iOS, and Mac. Among the various productivity applications, this app is a fitness tracker for your productivity. All the tasks that are done throughout the day are tracked by the system. This will help in understanding how much work you have done in a day or week or month. A score comes up in the app and the motivation is to improve the score. It is possible to add tasks and tags and then track the work. You can not only track the work progress and performance of the day but also view as what can be done in the coming week.


  • Easy to use
  • Can email tasks
  • Solid tech support


  • Doesn’t sync quickly



5. Toggl

Toggl is an application which helps in tracking time. The application works on all platforms including that of Linux. If you want to keep a track of time taken on projects, you can do the same with this app. Along with checking how much time each task takes, the app also helps in keeping up with the tasks. While coding and designing for clients, this web and mobile app help in tracking the work which is being done and the time is taken for the same. Right from the time one logs in the system, there is a handy timer which maintains all details. Idle time and break time can also be monitored.


  • Simple and Elegant UI
  • Time tracking is easy


  • No screenshot feature
  • Additional features require paid subscription



6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer app helps in remotely accessing other computers. This is very helpful when you want to fix or see something on your office computer while at home. The app works everywhere. The TeamViewer app needs to be running on the device which needs to be accessed. To access that computer, you have to open TeamViewer on your system, log in into the same and you can use the remote computer. The quality of the graphics might be real-time low, but you can get the work done. This app is very suitable for tech support people as they can connect to the other computer with the problem and solve the same.


  • Multi-level security
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant UI


  • Poor tech support
  • Crashes occasionally


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