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This Is How Much the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Gets Paid Per Episode

For being one of the highest grossing and most watched television series on air right now, and in history probably, Game of Thrones actors gets a hefty amount per episode. The Game of Thrones cast get paid more per episode than we do in 20 years. Variety has released a report on the salaries of top-paid actors on television “based […]

9 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

9 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman: There are some questions, phrases and words one should never say to a woman ever no matter what. When you have an argument with your girlfriend or wife, you just don’t know what things to escalate and sometimes you just say the wrong word or thing which really sets her off […]

5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet

5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet

Hello beautiful people hope you all are doing good. Today we bring a list 5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet. Many of these websites are knowledgeable and others are not, they are just there for fun. We are trying to do something different this time as we always do a lot of apps and gadgets. These websites are the best […]