Global First iPhone X Clone OUKITEL U18 starts presale, only $159.99

Global First iPhone X Clone OUKITEL U18 starts presale, only $159.99

Global First iPhone X Clone OUKITEL U18 starts presale, only $159.99: Following the trend of full display, OUKITEL released several different types of full-screen smartphones, C8, MIX 2, K5000, K10, etc, all gained many users favor. Now OUKITEL is releasing an iPhone style all screen smartphone OUKITEL U18. As the global first iPhone X style … Read moreGlobal First iPhone X Clone OUKITEL U18 starts presale, only $159.99

Oukitel K7000 Specifications and Price

Oukitel K7000 Specifications and Price: Last year Oukitel had surprised smartphone users by launching Oukitel K10000 model with a massive battery of 10,000 mAh, this time also Oukitel is not going with a conventionally featured design. Oukitel has just confirmed to Mobiviki that it is going to launch world’s slimmest smartphone Oukitel K7000 with a huge battery of … Read moreOukitel K7000 Specifications and Price

Oukitel U6 Specifications

Oukitel U6 Specifications & Features– Taiwan based smartphone brand Oukitel is planning to launch a dual Screen handset in the market this year. Whenever US and China based customer think about Dual screen handset Yota series handset YotaPhone 2 will only comes first in mind. As per leaked news the smartphone will also be World’s first … Read moreOukitel U6 Specifications

Oukitel U10 Specifications

Oukitel U10 Specifications-First Impression: Oukitel is flooding the markets with high end smartphones. You must have heard about Oukitel K10000 which anothe cellphone of this company. Oukitel K 10000 is blessed with 10000 mAh battery which is amongst largest of all the smartphones in the market. It is basically China-based smartphone manufacturer which is, surely gonna … Read moreOukitel U10 Specifications

Oukitel K10000 Specifications

Oukitel K10000 Specifications and An Overview: The new Chinese manufacturer, is going to take your breath away with its latest 10,000 mAh battery smartphone named Oukitel K10000. Oukitel K10000 is now available at a normal price of $239.99 but you can get it at an offer price of $199.99, if you use K10000 coupon code on … Read moreOukitel K10000 Specifications