If you’re one of those who relies heavily on the dishwasher, you must know about the most common dishwasher problems and how to troubleshoot them. Of course, sometimes problems require only professional repair but there are a few repairs which are simple, cost-effective and quick to do by yourself. On a personal note, you should actually prefer to use the dishwasher instead of hand washing the utensils as dishwasher saves a huge amount of water.

Most Common Dishwasher Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them

  1. If dishes on the top rack are dirty

This happens because you only load the bottom rack heavily that top rack doesn’t get enough water flow. If water doesn’t reach all the dishes, many of them remain unclean. So simply balance and load the dishes in the top rack as well.

  1. There is pool of water in many dishes

You will find pools of water only in plastic, light items like bowls and cups. Water flips over these utensils during the water cycle. Thus, to avoid this, lean a heavier item against the rack when you load light items on the rack.

  1. At first, water sprayed really hard against the dishes, but now it isn’t as strong as before

This reason for this is that the spouts in the sprayer are clogged with food debris. It is necessary to clean the sprayer arm regularly to have the dishes completely clean. You can use a toothpick for cleaning every little hole in the sprayer.

  1. There are little white spots on the glassware

Your dishwasher probably uses hard water to clean the dishes and the spots on them are the mineral deposits. One thing you can do is install an external hard water softening device which will soften the hard water and make it good to use. Another thing you can do is purchase dishwasher cleaning tablets that consist of water softener ingredient.

  1. The dishwasher overflows on use

This is caused because the filter is too clogged for the water to pass; the washer doesn’t drain properly. You will find a knob around the spraying arm at the floor of the dishwasher. Twist that knob and lift out the filter. You can clean it using an old toothbrush, sudsy and warm water. Ensure that you rinse it well. Also, make sure that you scoop out all the food particles in the filter hole.

  1. The dishwasher is giving out fountain of bubbles

Well, this happens when you use any other washing liquid instead of liquid specifically used for dishwashers. Turn off the dishwasher and use some table salts on the suds for dissipation. Ensure that you use only fluid cleanser next time.

  1. Dishwasher makes noise

Unless the dishwasher you are using has ultra-quiet feature, almost all the dishwasher make noise. But if your dishwasher is suddenly making noise, it could be because of the defective pump which you can simply replace the bearing ring or the wash arm seal. Also, you can replace the spray arms to reduce the sudden racket.

Unless you know the technical know-how of the machine and you are particularly aware of the DIY, plumbing and electrics don’t solve the problems on your own. There are chances that you may worsen the case and eventually call for professional help. However, the dishwasher will not cause major problems so that you can fix them quickly at home.

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