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Confirmed: Apple Will Fix ‘Touch-Disease’ In Your iPhone 6 Plus For $149

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Apple Will Fix ‘Touch-Disease’ In Your iPhone 6 Plus For $149: Apple is offering to fix iPhone 6 Plus’s ‘touch disease’ in which device starts showing flickering bar at the top of the device’s display and touchscreen gets hanged. Today Apple also launched another free repair program for its iPhone 6S devices. This program is focused on repairing the unexpected shut-down of iPhone 6s devices due to some battery flaw.

Confirmed: Apple Will Fix ‘Touch-Disease’ In Your iPhone 6 Plus For $149

The tech giant announced that it will repair iPhone 6 Plus devices with touch-disease issue at a discounted fee of USD 149 at all its Apple Authorised Service Centers. Apple also said that it will contact users who have already paid for the service to the company or an authorized Apple service provider to repair the device for touch-disease and reimburse them for the price difference.

The company claims that the problem occurs when the device is dropped multiple times on hard surface then again face stress. But the repair tech site iFixit said that the touch-disease is a design flaw rather than being caused due to physical damage. According to iFixit, it happened due to the flawed placement of display related chips which get dislodged during normal use.

Some regular iPhone 6 users have also reported the same touch-disease problem in their  handsets but Apple hasn’t made any comments on inquiring if they are going to offer similar kind of discounted repairs to this model.

Apple is already facing few lawsuit due to this problem in its iPhone devices including the one federal class action suit launched by 3 California-based customers in August 2016. The lawsuit is still running and one further suit was filed in Utah state. In all these lawsuits the customers alleged that Apple knew abut the problem but didn’t offer repairs. But now some customers can have their devices repaired- for a price.

If you are a touch-disease suffering iPhone 6 Plus customer you can make online payment of the fee, to get repaired your handset from authorized stores. If you own an iPhone 6s device then go visit Apple’s website now and check for your eligibility and start the process of getting your battery replaced for free.

You can find Apple Authorized Service Provider – From here.

You can arrange an appointment at Apple Retail Store and contact Technical Support here.

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