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The Top 28 Ridiculously Cool Websites, You Should Visit Today

The Top 29 Ridiculously Cool Websites You Will Surely Enjoy Posted On
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You use the internet for various purposes- education, recreation, making transactions etc. However, occasionally you will come across some unique and Cool websites that will generate mixed feelings in your mind. You may get amused or perplexed and feel like lazing at times. Some such sites are however quite useful.

The Top 28 Ridiculously Cool Websites, You Should Visit Today

Listed below are 28 such cool and useful websites:

1. Lifehacker

The Top 29 Ridiculously Cool Websites, You Should Visit Today

An incredible hub of tricks, productivity tips, downloads, life’s lessons and similar things in one place. The information shared is extremely useful but hardly anyone teaches us these. Life’s practical aspects are also discussed.

Visit & Try: LifeHacker

2. HowStuffsWork

It is among the most useful sites aimed at the inquisitive souls. They can learn on how things work – and by things ,it can mean anything and everything. The website has cool podcasts as well for viewing.

Visit & Try: HowStuffsWork

3. Camel Camel Camel

Contrary to its name, this site is not at all about camels. It lets you know how the price for any Amazon product has altered over time.

Visit & Try: Camel Camel Camel

4. A Good Movie To Watch

This website helps you find good movies anytime with quality suggestions. You will find something worth your interest soon using it.

Visit & Try: A Good Movie To Watch

5. Child’s Own

This site can convert a kid’s drawing into a stuffed toy. The charge is steep at €250 but this is definitely among the Cool websites.

Visit & Try: Child’s Own

6. Giphy

If you are looking to find the perfect GIF, search on Giphy and you are sure to be successful. You will get the funniest to the weirdest kinds of GIFs on the site and spending few hours will seem like nothing.

Visit & Try: Giphy

7. Geo Guessr

In this site, you are placed randomly somewhere on Google Street View. You need to guess your location and based on accuracy of your guess, you will get points. There are a few customization options.

Visit & Try: Geo Guessr

8. A Soft Murmur

This may seem not as one of the useful sites but some people may like it too. In this site, you have to tweak the slider to generate calming background noise. The sounds can be charming actually.

Visit & Try: A Soft Murmur

9. Zillow

Real estate prices fascinate many people. They keep on looking up websites for places they will probably never live in or love exploring different kinds of offers and deals which are available. Zillow is the place for them.

Visit & Try: Zillow

10. Hacker Typer

This can be cool. You just type anything randomly and the site will return code in black/green hue from every hacker flick. This lasts for 30 seconds.

Visit & Try: Hacker Typer

11. The Wiki Game

This site lets you jump from one page in Wikipedia to another in the shortest possible time.

Visit & Try: The Wiki Game

12. The Toast

If you love hilarious fiction writing, you have to surely bookmark this website. Mallory Ortberg and Nicolle Cliffe create great content and publish posts, which you just cannot miss.

Visit & Try: The Toast

13. Apartment Therapy

DIY and home projects are a favorite with many people. They will find it among useful sites. Along with written content, there is visual content on the website.

Visit & Try: Apartment Therapy

14. Level Up Life

This is a site to boost motivation to accomplish goals in life. Here you put in important life goals and then receive points when you achieve them. This is among the few useful sites for sure.

Visit & Try: Level Up Life

15. Music Map

In this site, you type in name of any musician and then it offers a map of artists you may actually like. This is among the Cool websites us which you can discover new music and artists, surely.

Visit & Try: Music Map

16. Drinking Game Zone

It is a website featuring old drinking games you already know. However, the list is quite extensive.

Visit & Try: Drinking Game Zone

17. The Onion

The online satirical newspaper has given great entertainment to people. Right from 1988, the publication has maintained great standards of humor writing. The headlines of the content need special mention.

Visit & Try: The Onion

18. xkcd

You are sure to love xkcd if you like little of nerdy humor. Each post has a stick-figure comic strip, crisp and short. The subject of humor can be science, technology, relationships or mathematics.

Visit & Try: xkcd

19. The Sembeo Matrix

This site offers bizarre and addictive fun. You need to create a couple of patterns just by clicking in squares and then a rhythm is created. It’s good when you are in the mood for time pass.

Visit & Try: The Sembeo Matrix

20. Two Foods

Are you unsure about what to have in lunch? Let this website help you decide. Just type in two options and find the health quotient displayed instantly! This is definitely one of the useful sites!

Visit & Try: Two Foods

21. BuzzFeed “Comments” Section

BuzzFeed is a common website to which many people are glued to. But it is their ‘Comments’ section, which is truly addictive. They are crazy and hilarious and highly entertaining.

Visit & Try: BuzzFeed

22. Mental Floss

This online magazine is highly addictive with articles on wide varieties of topics. The contents are well researched, well written and most importantly quite unusual. The “Big Question” section in the website needs special mention here.

Visit & Try: Mental Floss

23. Scribble Maps

In this site, you can use own scribbles, text, images on maps. This can be helpful when you want to share travel information with others.

Visit & Try: Scribble Maps

24. LEGO videos

LEGO had created excellent video content much before they were seen in the theaters. Catch the LEGO video series version and catch all your favorites like Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.

Visit & Try:  LEGO videos

25. The Oatmeal

It is among the cool websites which you can browse for hours. You will find eyeball-grabbing content on the site and some of them are completely graphics. The content is so rich that it can be re-read.

Visit & Try: The Oatmeal

26. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

It is a site where you can virtually track the location of sharks. The tool made by OCEARCH- Marine Research Group enables you tto rack locations of tagged sharks. For most people, it is a time pass tool!

Visit & Try: OCEARCH Shark Tracker

27. Space fetches you cool astronomy news and trends and these may make you curious too. Some content found here is actually interesting.

Visit & Try: Space

28. Wayback Machine

This site lets you see how a website’s looks have altered over the years. This is ideal for people who have been using the web for the early days of the internet and get nostalgic at times!

Visit & Try: Wayback Machine

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