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DragonFly, Google’s censored search engine for China

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DragonFly that is what they are calling it, Google is secretly working from early 2017 on a censored search engine for the biggest single market for the internet user, China. Yes, it was not long ago why Google discontinued its service from China.

However, Google has earlier offered for the censored version of its search engine between 2006 and 2010 and then discontinued their search engine in 2010, citing government attempts to “limit free speech in the web”.

What does the censored search engine mean?

The web in China is tightly monitored and the government keeps a close eye on the web, information like religion, free speech , police brutality is heavily filtered, even the sites like Wikipedia and BBC News are blocked.

So the new search engine will follow all the guidelines which will be imposed by the government. To which a researcher Patrick Poon with Amnesty International quoted “The biggest search engine is the world obeying the censorship in China is a victory for the Chinese government, it sends a signal that nobody will bother to challenge the censorship anymore”.

What is in it for Google?

However, this won’t be an easy task as it has to pass through many barriers of government approvals. If everything goes as plan, Google will get a China’s huge user base of around 750 million web users. Google is participating extensively as last December AI research Lab in Beijing and Doodle Game last month.

Will DragonFly actually fly?

The recent trade war between China and US didn’t seem to go quite well, however, Search engine chief Ben Gomes, reportedly told employees to be prepared in case ” suddenly the world changes or [ President Trump] decides his new best friend is Xi Jiping.


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