Evolution of iPhone- A Visual History

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Evolution of iPhone- A Visual History: iPhone has had the remarkable history that has revolutionized the technology and smartphones. Since Steve Jobs has launched the first iPhone back in 2007 everything in smartphone market has changed. Today smartphone industry has become World’s highest competitive market where innovation and renovation is key to success. Many of us has always wondered how the Apple smartphones has got so popularity and its path to it? Well iPhone has traveled a long path since its first iPhone that included a simple capcacitive 3.5-inch display with multi-touch feature in a very simple body. It was totally different from other devices in market and faced tough competitions. Since then iPhone has done a lot of improvements and added a lot new features and reached to the device capable like- iPhone.

iPhone has used plastic, metal, and glass combination to deign its smartphones. After iPhone, every brand in smartphone market followed the same approach. With its innovative ideas and capabilities iPhone has become the most selling and profitable device on earth. iPhone has made major leaps with its iPhone4 and iPhone5 models and broke the limits of smartphone technology. As other smartphone manufacturers were turning towards big screen devices so why would iPhone stick to small display? They came up with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus(+). iPhone 6+ has also reached to the limit of smartphone cost and today has the tag of costliest smartphone in domestic market. But iPhone 6 Plus has everything you need in a smartphone- large screen, best camera of 8 megapixel, and finger-print sensor. Today we are going to share the Evolution of iPhone- A Visual History of iPhone devices. If you are a iPhone admirer, these facts are for you.

Evolution of iPhone- A Visual History


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