Explosion as rocket crashes after lift-off in Japan

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Explosion as rocket crashes after lift-off in Japan: The rocket the was developed by maverick Japanese entrepreneur and startup named Interstaller Technologies. A fiery explosion happened when the privately backed rocket came down after six seconds of launch on Saturday. It is a major blow to the startup’s bid to send Japan’s first privately sponsored rocket into space.

Interstellar Technologies, founded by famous Internet service provider Livedoor’s creator Takafumi Horie, launched this unmanned rocket, MOMO-2, at around 5:30 am (2030 GMT Friday) from a test site in Taiki, southern Hokkaido. Footage showed the 10-meter (33-foot) rocket came back down crashing to the launch pad 6 seconds after liftoff and exploded into flames.

As per the sources, no one got injured after this big explosion, Interstellar is accessing the resource damage.

Explosion as rocket crashes after lift-off in Japan

Explosion as rocket crashes after lift-off in Japan
The rocket was supposed to take an observational equipment as payload to an altitude of over 100 kilometers which would have proved to be the first step to Interstellar’s path to develop affordable commercial space flights.

This was not the first setback to develop low-cost space travel by Japanese researchers. The last such failure took place in July 2017, when researchers lost contact with the rocket after one minute of launch.

The company’s president Takahiro Inagawa apologized for the failure as an investigation was launched.

Interstellar Technologies’ president apologized for the failure while the investigation was also launched. They also said that this incident will be thoroughly investigated and the results will be used in improving the future projects.

So far private companies in Japan are trying to compete with government-run Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in the field of space exploration.

Watch: Japanese Rocket Crashes Seconds After Lift-Off, Bursts Into Flames

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