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19 Facebook Tricks or Tips You Had Never Known

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19 Facebook Tricks or Tips You Had Never Known: Facebook is one of the best social networking site, like every game has some cheats and tricks, Facebook has some features which is not known by every user. Now we are going to tell you 19 Facebook Tricks or Tips You Had Never Known, Which make your experience much more rich and comfortable while using Facebook.

19 Facebook Tricks or Tips You Had Never Known

1 .  How to Collage making from Facebook Pictures :If you want to gather up all your images and create a collage from them than “Loupe” is the tool for you.
2. How to Display your Status on Facebook WordPress Blog: If you want to display your Facebook status as a news feed on your word press blog, well there is a easy plugin that Called “Status Press”
3. Without ever Junk View Friends profile: When you view someone’s profile, you might get silly application and other advertisements, well hopefully script there is a simple and easy way to get rid from it. There is a simple user Which You Can Use to clear up the junk Chrome but you can install it in Firefox Directly to have Grease-monkey installed you need.

4. How to Go Offline: Facebook chat is a one of the good way for being in touch with your friends and with your near and dear ones but sometimes you might get messages from some anonymous chats so the best way is to get rid of the crappy people by getting offline for selected persons.
Open Facebook chat and click on friends list and create a block list for people you want to go offline.
After completing the list just click on the green icon and press go offline, that will appear offline to all the persons in the block list.
5. How to Schedule your Facebook Messages: You can use “Sendible” online tool for the purpose of scheduled messages and sending updates to be later .
6. How to Access Facebook Chat through Desktop: Well we have a facebook application but if you still wanna go with 3rd party tools Some other than you can use, chitchat or Adium.

7. How to Hide Status and  Update from new friend: If you wanna add someone as a new friend and you want to hide your updates and news then you have to “Make Use Of” has a good article on this thing.
8. What will happen while using Firefox for status updation: You can easily update your Facebook status CAN Firefox browser from Itself Using “FireStatus” and You Can Also use “Facebook Toolbar” for Firefox for doing the same thing.
9. How to Upload Photo: Regular Facebook Photos from Today’s smartphones have a nice well designed app Which You Can Use to upload photos and share status updates but for regular phones with lesser options app has a nice well labnol tips for them.

10. How to add Magic Circles on Facebook: You can add magic circles on Facebook as it will provide colorful display. Some magical circles can be added on Facebook by Using the key combinations Below.
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, THEN press the Enter key up & down & Magic circles Will appear
11.How to Use Facebook as a Pirate: If you love the culture of thief them pirates and talking like Facebook than you can shift your language to English (Pirate).
12 . How to add Auto poke: If one of your friend poked you but you might notice it and ignore the reply, simply AutoPoke well AUTOMATES the process and pokes the person back.



  1. How to pload Photos from Picasa to Facebook: You can directly add your photos directly from Picasa app for Facebook.
  2. How to Update Facebook Status from Gmail Gadget: Using Facebook update your Facebook status updates right from Gmail.
  3. How to Access Facebook on Twitter Style: By using the simple userscript you convert your facebook CAN into Twitter.
  4. How to Import Facebook Friends to Twitter: By using FB140 you can find your Facebook friends and Twitter who are currently using them and you can easily follow.
  5. How to Access Facebook from Microsoft Outlook: If you have emails in outlook you can easily use facebook from it by using FBlook Plugin.

18. How to update Facebook Status Using Twitter: You can update a status on both Twitter and Facebook together by linking your Facebook account with official twitter account.
19. How to Download Videos from Facebook: Facebook has the largest collection of user uploaded videos and if you want to download videos you can either use Speedbit or DownFacebook.

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