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How to lose weight and extra fat?

To lose weight is the major problem that a lot of people are facing and which can cause a lot of diseases in their body. To lose weight is not a big task but it can be easily achieved by eating proper diet and doing regular exercise, like fat person should eat less and run more as running is the best way to lose weight and fat person must run one hour on daily basic with good warm up exercise this will also help in reducing extra calories. For losing a weight there is no need to use medicine but you can use a herbal medicine like Body Slim Capsule of Svior Pharmaceuticals which also helps you in reducing extra weight and it will not effect on the body.

Some tips as to How to Lose weight, extra fat and calories

Reducing fat from body is not a fast process and person should not try to lose weight a fast rate, he and she must wait for the result. This line suits the most” Where there is a will there is a way” and person must be self determined

Tips are:

  1. Do one hour running on regular basis
  2. Eat fruits in break fast
  3. Eat less nuts and dairy products
  4. Try to avoid fried food
  5. Choose a low calorie food
  6. Eat only when you are hungry
  7. Eat real and fresh food
  8. Be persistent
  9. Eat less in dinner and try to eat more vegetable in dinner
  10. Take vitamins and minerals
  11. Try to get knowledge about the calories they are taking on regular basis
  12. Exercise smart
  13. Take herbal product like Body Slim Capsule of Svior Pharmaceuticals for betterment
  14. Man should avoid beer
  15. Women should avoid fruits
  16. Measure and note your progress on weekly and monthly basis
  17. Try to Avoid artificial food and sweeteners
  18. Check your hormones
  19. Take more sleep
  20. Take less stress

Some basic questions as to How to Lose weight

  1. How to Lose weight
  2. Know about the proper diet
  3. Proper exercise for reducing calories
  4. Proper and appropriate method of reducing weight
  5. Proper steps for reducing weight

Loosing weight is not a short term method so the person has to wait for the result and some basic points person should keep in mind like.

  1. Have proper and balanced diet
  2. Drink more and more water
  3. Do proper and regular exercise
  4. Some exercise like running and cycling is helpful in weight reduction
  5. Can have body slim capsule (herbal product) for more result

How to Lose weight

  • Try to make a diary so that you can note down the food items you have to take and you have to avoid, more and more research will give better result. It is being noticed that some people consume extra 115 calories from alcohol but the cut extra calories from drinks, snacks, sauces and make a difference between gain and losses
  • Get a Mantra of having a good food like fruits and green vegetables and try to avoid junk food and repeat the same of long time
  • Take orange juice after break fast
  • Watch less TV as children eat more and more while watching television and does not go for playing which will make them lazy and also increase more fat in their body.
  • Person has to spend at least 10 minutes a day walking up and down a stairs

As it is being clear that improper died and eating more and more junk food increases calories and fats in human body. Due to that extra fats in the body make a person lazy and generate a lot of diseases in the body.

Some exercise as to How to Lose weight


234.5.6. 7.8. As we all know doing exercise in proper way effect a lot so these are some basic exercise which will helps in burning extra fat from the body.

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