I5 Plus Smart Watch available at a best price of $17.99

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I5 Plus Smart Watch available at a best price of $17.99: I5 Plus Smart Watch which is dubbed as the best smartwatch band in the world. It is because Bands from other companies like Xiaomi, Yu, Samsung and many other didn’t had those features which were being offered in I5 plus smartwatch. Moreover its providing such top notch features at such a low cost.

The Best Digital Hand Band in the world is available at a best price of $17.99 from

Hurry up!!! Only few pieces are left at such a discounted price. So what are you waiting for??? Click on the link below to make it yours before the offers is over. And the offer is valid for 3 days only i.e., 28th, 29th and 30th September.

I5 Plus Smart Watch available at a best price of $17.99 from

What is I5 Plus Smart Watch?

Smartwatch bands are basically a device that look similar to the ordinary plastic bands, but are loaded with many top notch features. They monitor our health, keep track of our daily routine like how many steps a person took and when the person is sleeping.

What is best thing about I5 Plus Smart Watch?

The best thing about I5 Plus Smart Watch band is that apart from being your fitness tracker, it will allow to communicate with other people. You will be able to see who is calling you and you will able to see its name and number.

How I5 Plus Smart Watch Band different from Mi Band and Yu Fit Band?

I5 Plus SmartWatch band is capable of showing you the incoming calls and text messages unlike that in Mi Band and Yu Fit.

Call and message

It also keeps the track of the steps, distance you walked or ran, calories that are being brunt, also time taken to cover the the target. These all above features lack in Yu Fit and Mi Band.

Sleep Monitor

I5 Plus Smart Watch keeps track on the activities while sleeping as they are important to know as they have direct link to our mental health and fitness.


You can easily capture photos with the help of your fitness band with a single click. You can also zoom images, autofocus and also have features like face detection.

The above feature is available only in I5 Plus Smart Watch band, no other band in the world has this feature.

Sedentary Alert

The i5+ band comes with a sedentary alert feature. This feature will let you remind with its alert that its a time for work. Most of the office workers sit for continuous 8 hours unaware of the fact they need to have the break after every 2 hours.  So this feature will help you to remind to take a break.

Find Your Phone

The most unique feature of I5 Plus Smart Watch is its Find your Phone feature. When you turn on this feature on your smartwatch, you will be able to find your phone whenever you misplace your phone. As soon as you tap the feature on the watch, your phone will ring.

Gesture control

You can use your bracelet to view the time by keeping the bracelet screen horizontal and then turning the wrist over. By doing this the band will be turned on automatically, and you will be able to see the time


The I5 Plus Smart Watch is compatible with the following handsets:

Android operating system: Android 4.3 and above, Bluetooth 4.0

iOS system: Must be iOS 7.0 and above: such as 4S / 5 / 6, iPod touch 5, etc

This would be all about I5 Plus Smart Watch available at a best price of $17.99.


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