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Pokemon Go :- Weight Loss Story

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Posted By Anshul Samaiyar

Pokemon Go is the new weight loss method, where an early stage of the game there were many trolls and jokes which we saw on Instagram and Facebook. Seems like all the joke are turning out to be a reality now. Where many countries had issued certain guidelines on how to play Pokemon. For example, Japan had launched amid safety warnings.

Pokemon Go :- Weight Loss Story

We are discussing a real story about Roberto Vazquez who lost 25 lbs in the process of catching pokemon in Canada. After three and a half week after downloading the game, he claims to be the first bona fide pokeMaster. Do these things even exist?. Catching all 142 pokemon currently available in Canada.

He told CTV News Channel on Thursday “Once I went on the scale and saw it, I was in shock,” Vazquez, a professional photographer”. He also adds “Because initially, you’re playing the game, you’re running around, you’re walking a lot, you don’t really notice that you’re being very active.”

According to the stats of the game, Roberto has walked more than 266 Km on the app. Where he visiting new places,  making new friends.

“At the end of the day, it’s still a game and you’re in real life,” he said. “You want to make sure you’re being safe with others in the area.”

He will be visiting Asia soon to catch the elusive Farfetch’d a normal flying type pokemom which is currently available in Asia.

Roberto is a first player to report health benefits from Pokemon Go and seems like there are more to come. University of British Columbia professor has said the game could provide significant mental health benefits for people with depression or social anxiety.

So after, all it game can be great pass time but remember it is still a virtual world. Peace.


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