Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch brings smart features in a stylish Analog Watch: Modern smartwatches are often seen as a fantastic updated version of the classical wristwatch. They have a bright touch screen to control and manage loads of features. However, smart watches are not actually a watch. It appears more like a gadget with a band that you are wearing on your wrist. Probably, that is why the traditional design of wrist watches is still very popular even among those who can afford the expensive smartwatches. The only problem is that you have to compromise with the additional features of a smartwatch. What if you could get some of these smart watches in a classical wrist watch? Well, most of you might think that it is impossible without a touch screen but Fossil has made is possible. We are talking about Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch.

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch brings smart features in a stylish Analog Watch

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch appears very much like a normal wrist watch but comes with special features. It is an analog watch which is controlled and connected to your smartphone. You can use this analog watch to track your daily activities just like a smart watch. It lets you set alarm, get alerts for notifications on your phone, get time in different time zones and more. It also tells you the number of steps or calories burnt in a day. But, still, they are different from the smart watches. Unlike smart watches, you do not need to charge them frequently. Their battery can make them last for more than 6 months, which is the biggest advantage of Fossil’s Q Hybrid. Also, they do not have a touch screen.

An analog watch with features of a smartwatch

Fossil is known for producing watches that does not just shows the time but are stylish and fashionable. Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch is an attempt by Fossil to enter into the smartwatch space. Fossil calls it a hybrid watch because it combines the features of both analog watch and a smart watch into a single watch. It looks like a classical analog watch but works like a smartwatch to some extent. We do not exactly know how these watches are doing the world market but it is surely a wonderful watch.

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch easily connects to your smartphone

Fossil offers you a simple app that lets you connect your smartphone to Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch and control its functions. The buttons that appear on the watch are just the part of the design. The only way to control or manage the features of your hybrid watch is via a smartphone app. The app is available for Android as well as iOS smartphones.

Fossil Q Hybrid is a perfect option if you want something like a smartwatch without a touch screen. You can get this nice watch for just $175. I say just because it is more than a simple wrist watch. Moreover, you can wear it daily as it looks just like your traditional watch.

Fossil Q Hybrid Specifications

  • You can get all the Smartphone Notifications on your watch.
  • Charging is Not Required as it runs on an inbuilt battery that can run for 6 months
  • You can also Ring Your Phone via your watch
  • It can be used as an Alarm Clock
  • It supports Multiple Time Zones
  • Activity Tracking
  • Auto Update Time/Date as it is synchronized with your smartphone

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