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Has your blog or website been penalized for image copyright infringement? Well, you are not the only one who is into the problem of this kind. In the digital age, where there are innumerable images and photographs available, it is quite enticing that you would like to use some of them in your own blog posts or on your website. However, the owner of the images might have some kind of copyright restrictions, i.e. they will have some exclusive rights on the image.

In such a situation, what can be done and from where do bloggers and website developers and designers arrange the images? Yes, there are free stock photo sites for Free which give away the images to be used. Though a request of you use any of their’s photo do give the photographer a thumb’s up. 

List of 20 Free Stock Photo Sites for Free Images

Mentioned below is a comprehensive list of free stock photo sites from where good quality photographs and images can be downloaded and used as needed:


pexel free stock images

1. Pexels 

Started in the year 2015, Pexels has a very impressive stock photo library. Anyone can access the beautiful photos and use them as per their needs for creating websites, designs, art, stories, products, apps, etc. The images are not only located on the Pexels website, but the images are also outsourced from websites like Little Visuals, Gratisography etc. The images are thoroughly screened so that only the best go to the customers.

shuttetstock image stock site

2. Shutterstock

 There are more than 125-million royalty free images on this website along with music tracks and video clips. It is indeed one of the best destinations when you are looking for royalty free images on the web. However, for accessing the images, you will need to pay a small amount, which seems worth the investment when the stock of photos available is checked.

burst free stock images

3. Burst

 A resource from Shopify, Burst provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. While some of the images are licensed under Shopify’s own license; others are released under Creative Commons CC0. Wide varieties of original photographs are found on the website ranging from almost all themes – right from general photographs to specific business niches. Free images download is not an issue on this website.

stocksnap stock images


If you are looking for free stock images as well as high resolution photos, you can easily endow your trust on The search feature on the website helps in looking for the image you want without browsing through the large stock of available photos. View and downloads are tracked by the website for finding the most popular images. The images don’t require attribution and are released under creative commons zero CC0 license.

creative commins image stock site

5. Creative Commons

 When you are looking for public domain content, including images, Creative Commons is a great destination. With the search utility on the site, the results can be filtered based upon the Google Images, Fotopedia, Flickr or Pixabay or other reputed destinations which host photos. The site checks the creative commons license and then displays the images.

flickr image stock site

6. Flickr 

There are millions of protected images on Flickr and it is also a great place for finding images which are licensed under Creative Commons. Some of the images have made their way into the public domain spectrum too. Many Flickr images are free to use till the time the photographer is credited. A great place for finding almost kinds of photographs and images in the best quality and resolution.

nasa image stock site


Well, this is a unique place for getting truly unique photos and images. Capturing images of space is practically impossible for the best of general photographers. So, if you are looking for high-resolution images for otherworldly and cosmic needs, this is the place to go to. There are galleries on the site, through which you can browse and check out photos from the past as well as something which is shot recently.

life of pix image stock site

8. Life of Pix

Life of Pix is an amazing resource for high quality free images, which is created by the LEEROY Creative Agency. High resolution photos are offered on the site without any kinds of copyright restrictions. The stock of the available photos is being increased as new photos are added weekly to the stock.

picjumbo free stock images

9. Picjumbo

 Your search for the collection of absolutely free images comes to an end with Picjumbo. The site offers excellent collections of images for personal as well as commercial works. There are innumerable categories in which photos are available at the site and you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Every day new photos are added to the already existing stock thus increasing the stock of the collection.

gratisography free stock images

10. Gratisography 

At Gratisography, you will find free high resolution images, which can be easily used for professional as well as personal reasons. The images are completely free from all kinds of copyright restrictions. New images are added to the existing ones every day so that the stock of high quality images keeps on increasing.

pixabay free stock images

11. Pixabay

 On visiting the Pixabay website, you will find large numbers of free stock photos from innumerable categories. Along with photos, you will also find illustrations and vectors on the site. All the images are released under Creative Commons CC0. There are many such image websites where photos are outsourced from Pixabay – such huge is their collection.

uplash free stock images app

12. Unsplash

 Among the best sources of stock images, Unsplash has carved a niche for itself. You will great huge collection of free high-resolution images from the site. Tough screening is done for the images and the team working at Unsplash makes sure that the best images only go through in the new submissions. Only the best of the best photos are featured on the homepage of the website. All the photos are free releases under the license of Unsplash.

reshot free stock images

13. Reshot 

If you are looking for some different kinds of images, you cannot but go wrong with Reshot. This place is a massive library where you will find hand-picked free stock photos, which are not available anywhere else. This website is exclusively created for freelancers, startups, and makers who are in search of new photos. No attribution is needed in using the photos editorially or commercially.

stock photos for free

14. Stock Photos for Free 

The best thing about the collection of photos in this huge photo library is that the images which are available are collected from across the globe. There is a royalty-free license with the photos. As a result, there is no hindrance in using these photos for any kind of commercial use.

kaboompics free stock images

15. Kaboom Pics

 Kaboom Pics is the ideal destination for free stock photography and photographs. High quality free stock photos can be found on the website. The best thing is that the images are categorized in different sections and you can search likewise to get precise and perfect results. The only thing is that these images cannot be redistributed or sold.

death to stock photos

16. Death to Stock Photos

 Death to Stock Photos is a website which is slightly different from other websites which deal with stock images along with free image download facility. There are certain categories in which images are available at the website. A photo pack of 10 images in a certain category will be sent to your inbox. The aim of the website is to provide your various photos in different niches which can be used in social media, blogs, websites or any other places. The website uses its own license.

epicantus free stock images

17. Epicantus

 This website has a great collection of free original photography by Daria. All the images which are available are in high resolution and are highly suitable for your designs, landing pages as well as blog posts. All the photos on the website are released under the Creative Commons CC0.

skitterphoto free images photo

18. SkitterPhoto 

You will be surprised by the large volume of free stock photos which are available at SkitterPhoto. All the photographs and images in the website are released under the license of Creative Commons CC0. All the images are completely authentic. Owners of SkitterPhoto are credited with the creation of these awesome images.

dreamstime free image site

19. Dreamstime

 Though this website resembles in looks to that of Shutterstock, but this includes a segment of free photos as well. While some of the images will need credits for downloading, but there are abundant selections of free images as well. The variety of the images which is available at the site is extraordinary.

wikimedia commons free stock images

20. Wikimedia Commons 

At this site, there are more than 16 million media files available and all for free. Various kinds of public domain content can be found here. Images are available in wide varieties and segments and you can choose the one that seems most suitable for your needs. With the handy search option, you can easily find the image you are looking for.

Check out these stock photo sites for free images download in high quality and high resolution.


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