Get Ready For A Contact Lens That Tells You When You Are Sick

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The introduction of Contact Lens has been a wonderful innovation in the field of optical lenses. We all are aware of the utility of contact lenses correcting visionary problems. Scientists are now looking to develop a different type of contact lens that tells you when you are sick. It may sound impossible or unreal but a group of researchers has other ideas. These special types of contact lenses are based on the biosensors. If you are wondering what is a biosensor, it is a particular type of sensors that are specifically designed to sense problems in our body including blood pressure, blood sugar count etc.

Researchers are just a single step away from bringing contact lens that tells you when you are sick

The researchers at the Oregon University have been researching this topic for several years. They have even managed to design a contact lens that can sense blood pressure. The prototype of this model has been released and thus, the researchers look all set to surprise everyone with the contact lens that tells you when you are sick. This research is headed by Professor Gregory Herman. This work will be unveiled on 23rd at the 23rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. The researchers believe that their contact lens equipped with biosensors will be able to detect various medical problems in the body even cancer. Moreover, this special category of contact lenses is expected to be much safer and convenient than the traditional contact lens.

These special contact lenses are safer and more convenient to measure blood sugar count

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases and its cases and continuously increasing with every passing second. Currently, the procedure of taking the sample is painful. You might also experience skin irritation of infection at the site from which blood has been sucked out. But this new innovative method of measuring blood sugar count will make things simpler and lot easier. In this method, there is no need to obtain the blood sample. Instead, the biosensors in your contact lenses can detect blood sugar without requiring any blood sample.

About the design, idea, and technology of these special contact lenses

Gregory Hermon, the main person behind this research reveals that the design of this special contact lens is derived from IGZO. This special kind of semiconductor has already revolutionized the electronics industry. It is used in the manufacturing of most of the modern electronic equipment such as television, smartphones etc. IGZO stands a semiconductor that is made of gallium zinc oxide. Hermon has already proved that the IGZO can be utilized in the field of medical science with fruitful results. IGZO along with glucose oxidase have been used in the fabrication of biosensor. The biosensor measures that change in pH to detect the glucose level in the body. pH level changes as biosensor come in contact with glucose leading to oxidation of blood sugar. The glucose sample is picked from the tears, thanks to the tiny nanostructures in IGZO biosensor.


This new technology can have a huge impact on our lives but there are a few questions that will be critical to its success. We still do not know about the accuracy of these lenses in measuring different parameters including blood sugar count. Also, the cost has to be affordable to attract users. Thus, there is a long way to go for this technology to prove its effectiveness and worth.


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