Google Flights will now save bucks when overpaying for your airfare and hotels

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Every now and then you would be in dire need of urgent booking of flights and would be baffled with the sky-high prices of hotels and flights. It would certainly put in a situation where you are unsure whether its a good deal or you are being overly-charged. But don’t worry, Google Flights will now save bucks when overpaying for your airfare and hotels. It will soon come in rescue based on the historical pricing and flight ticket to date from last 12 months.

Google Flights

The Google Flights will boast the feature of price tracking where your price lands on a gradient in three sections: low, typical, and high. Google has rolled out this feature on mobile for flights in the U.S stating today, August 27th.

Google Flights

In addition to price tracking feature for flights, Google is also including thorough price monitoring and comparison tools for hotels. For instance, in case you need a resort room in San Francisco this vacation season, not solely are you able to see how historic costs examine to the present charges — it’s also possible to examine the worth towards different hotels in the identical metropolis in the similar price range (and star ranking) throughout the same time interval on mobile.

Google also came up with something exciting for travelers. “Worrying about getting the best price for your vacation can be stressful,” Google Vice President Richard Holden wrote in a blog post. “A recent study we did indicated that travelers are most concerned about finding the best price for their vacations – more than with any other discretionary purchase. [These new features] can help you get out of town, even when you’re on a budget.”

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