Google Go Search App Can Now Read You Articles And Web Pages

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Posted By Amit Samaiyar

Google’s search light version app called Go will now be doing much more than searching content for the users. It can now read your articles and web pages in more than 25 languages in order to help people who prefer listening over reading content. The firm also assured the AI that has been used trims out the most important information on the web page and will be able to play it in each language.

The service has been rolled out by the google for the people who are busy and has trouble finding time to read. Instead, they can listen to long-form articles, news, stories or any other website. It will make website reading just like watching TV or listening to the radio with features like pause, play, and 2x speed control.

Google Go search app

Google’s VP Yossi Matias also told that the text-to-speech system could be used to read contents in other apps or services in future. He further added that “This presents some interesting opportunities in the future, as is the case for many other forms that we are using TTS which is how to improve the experience, how to make it more natural, how to adapt it, how to personalize it, these are kind of interesting directions that we may be exploring in the future.”

Google engineers are simultaneously working on the dictionary experience in search, which indeed will be helpful in teaching people new languages as the word will be the highlighted in real time while the reader pronounces that word.

Several AI works together to carry out text-to-speech technology, and to determine what to read on a page and spot the correct path of a page. Further up gradation to the version Google Go app would be the description of images in the form of speech present in the given article.

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