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How To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously In The US

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All the details of our personal lives may come out in the open and our private information will become public if and when any CISPA or any privacy-busting legislation is passed. Though most of our foundation remains to be anonymous, this root of anonymity where we see, do or buy things can get exposed. The positive part is the development of technology where to maintain anonymity is not difficult anymore. For such an occasion Bitcoins were developed. Bitcoins are now a hot commodity for people since it is easy to buy bitcoins anonymously in the US as it saves time and doesn’t require your ID proof.

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoins are online digital currency made with transcriptions and programs that are used instead of money to buy online. In the form of digital public money, bitcoins are basically electronic currency which has mathematical calculations linked to it. Bitcoins can be even used to money transactions between two individuals. You have to follow simple steps to buy bitcoins anonymously in the US just in 10 minutes (as per the information is provided by an anonymous member of the Bitcoin Community).

This type of digital currency with transcription technique generates and verifies units of currency and can work independently of a bank. You shall be having your own wallet, which is a digital storehouse for your bitcoins. This wallet can be seen by others and all the transaction history can be checked but bitcoins provide buyers anonymity and no personal details of you shall be leaked. One Bitcoin stands for $450 in USD.

Here Is How To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously In The US

Bitcoins are digital money to buy things anywhere. It can be used like digital currency. But while buying bitcoins you do not need to provide and expose all your information. Even bitcoins can be brought maintaining anonymity.

The simple steps to buy bitcoins anonymously in the US are:

  • One has to download or install a TOR from this link.
  • Using the TOR, one has to create a TORmail account at http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion and then confirm your address at http://tormail.org/.
  • Visit the site; http://www.bitinstant.com for buying the bitcoins using TOR.
  • Then one must choose the option for depositing cash and receive bitcoins to email.
  • The site for buying bitcoins; http://www.bitinstant.com/will have some instruction to make your cash deposit. Follow those steps and make your deposition correctly and the site shall send the bought amount of bitcoins to the TORmail account of yours. Here you would require no ID.
  • You can then receive the bitcoins via email and use it for any online transaction.

How does buying bitcoins help you?

Once you have bought bitcoins, it acts like physical gold coins. Possessing bitcoins is like possessing gold nuggets. Bitcoins have their unique value assigned to them and any kind of online transaction can be carried out using them. The downside of bitcoins was that several bitcoins were used as snuggled money and millions of dollars were moved escaping the eyes of the law.  Even then you can buy bitcoins anonymously and this way the federal money can go to the public since Bitcoin accounts cannot be seized. Hence the law considers it to be Gold nuggets of the Wild West.

Few of the most popular platforms to spend BitCoins:

CoinDL – iTunes of the Bitcoin economy
Seals With Clubs – Poker (Hold’em)
BitcoinDeals – Amazon of the Bitcoin economy
Private Internet Access – Anonymous VPN Service
MemoryDealers – Cables, Transceivers, and Memory

If you have any further questions or suggestion on how to buy bitcoins or how to spend them, share them in the comments section below.

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