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How To Delete Snapchat Messages – Snapchat Now Allows You To Delete Messages

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How to delete Snapchat messages: Snapchat at last updated the application that gives you the chance to delete messages that you regret sending earlier. The app developers were always keen on developing the application such that it stored the messages forever. However, Snapchat, at last, stepped up and giving the option to delete messages whether you sent a message or the recipient.

You can quickly delete those unwanted or embarrassing messages, videos, or stickers that you have sent to a person or in a group with ease. You will be removing the messages from the application’s server and friend’s device without using workarounds!

The previous workaround was blocking a contact. It never functions exactly how it supposed to be at all times, and mostly it is not the favorable choice of the millions of Snapchat users. You can now rest, take a breath, and use the official “Delete” button.

Previous Versions

The previous version of the application allowed the messages to remain in the log until both the users viewed the same or unopened for 30 days. When it comes to group chat, Snapchat deleted messages after a day, and there was no option to delete a single message. You had to remove the entire conversation!

However, the update rolled out will give you the chance to delete a message even before the recipient views, which is highly appreciable.

How To Delete Snapchat Messages – The steps to delete messages on Snapchat

Now that you understood how important it is to delete messages that you have sent or received let us proceed with the steps that help you to erase them from the app permanently. Before, continuing with the steps ensure that you are using the latest version, which has the Delete option enabled.

1.     Step 1: Opening the application

You can open the Snapchat application on your device by clicking the icon from the homepage.

2.     Step 2: Choosing the chat icon

Once the app opens, click the Chat Icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

3.     Step 3: Selecting the chat or group chat



The Chat Icon will open the existing conversations with your friends. You can select the one that you wish to delete. You can choose the Groups tab from the menu to delete a message from an existing group chat.

4.     Step 4: Selecting the message

Once you open the conversation that you wish to delete, you can choose the single message that you want to delete. You can long press the message until you see a menu appearing on the screen.

5.     Step 5: Deleting the message

From the menu, click on the Delete feature. Snapchat will ask you to confirm the action. You can click Delete again in the next screen to erase the message from the chat.

You can follow the same steps to delete a message in a group chat. It will thus give you the upper hand and allow you to erase a message before the recipient views the same.

Do remember that the recipient will know that you deleted a message in the chat, as Snapchat displays a message stating that the sender deleted a particular message. Currently, the option is available for chat messages alone. You can expect Snapchat to roll out an update that will allow you to delete photos and videos as well!

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