How To Listen to Non-Streaming Artists On Spotify? Listening to your favorite band that you grew up with can be very important to you. You wouldn’t want to miss those songs while playing music on your favorite Spotify app. I wouldn’t like to miss the best tracks from my favorite musicians and singers. You might have a favorite artist who was not aligned to the streaming revolution. But their songs may not be available on Spotify music library. What if you want to listen to their real performances and concerts!

The song’s essence might not be there if you hear some cover or remix of the song you are after. You might get 99% of the songs on Spotify but your desire of visiting the obscureness that attracted you towards the band or the song might be missing. For solving this, you can use Spotify to revive your old music days. In this way, you can enjoy the music of the non-streaming artists on Spotify.

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How to get your non-streaming artists on Spotify?

In Spotify, you can build your personal music library by uploading local files from any device like a computer or a cell phone. There is the only program which shall keep your files assembled. With this, as you search through your library, you will be able to find the non-streaming artists on Spotify.

How to make your Library for non-streaming artists on Spotify?

  • When you plan on transferring your music collection on Spotify to make a library collect your audio files in a single folder. As you make a new folder on your desktop or laptop for the files, it shall be easily manageable.
  • You need to convert your audio and video files into Mp3 and Mp4 or M4p and there shouldn’t be any video content. For doing so you can use the video to audio converter available online for free.
  • After that, you open your Spotify app and tap the down arrow on the top right corner. Select ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Local Files‘. Hit the ‘Add Source’ button and browse the newly created folder. All the files that are compatible shall be added to the local files.

How to gain access to the songs on Spotify on your mobile?

You have now successfully built a library of your personal favorites on Spotify on your desktop. Thus now you will be able to play any performance of a Non-streaming artist on Spotify. You can also transfer these songs to your smartphone through Spotify. Create a playlist on your desktop Spotify app and connect your cell phone & PC with the same wifi. Now open Spotify on your mobile and navigate to the same playlist on your mobile.

Now hit the download button to get your newly created playlist on your smartphone. When the gray symbol turns green you shall know that the song has been downloaded. The process is almost same whether you are on an Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows phones.

What are the perks of using Spotify?

There can be reviews which say that the song you have uploaded in your library may be changed with a song that has the same name as that of an available streaming song. The perks are you may get in touch with the real performance audio of your non-streaming artists on Spotify as the audio gets swapped. What could go wrong is that the real song might get replaced with the cover or cut version of the song you want. The best way to avoid this from happening is renaming any such song in step one.


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