How To Save Your Instagram Live Video to Your Cell Phone: Instagram released Live video option globally a few months back but there was one thing that we always missed in it. You couldn’t save the broadcasted Live Video of yours’ or someone else’s.

Well, Instagram felt that too and introduced the latest Save option with its new update for Android and iOS smartphones. With this handy feature, you can save your Instagram Video after you are done with the broadcast. The video will disappear from your profile but you can hold on to it by tapping the Save or Download option just above your Live Video.

How To Save Your Instagram Live Video to Your Cell Phone

By saving the broadcasted video you can obviously watch it anytime and also share it on your Instagram profile or any of other social platforms. You might have always wanted to keep the exciting moments that happened during that Live video broadcast! Now you can. To save the whole Live Video look for the Save Button in the top right corner of the screen. The button will show only after you press the End button. It will automatically save the video on your phone memory but not the likes, comments, the number of viewers.

A huge number of users are now using Live Video feature of Instagram to connect with their fans and followers. This latest update will surely improve the user-experience. You have to update the app to latest Instagram 10.12 version which is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.



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