How to Use Google Services as Proxy Servers to Bypass Paywalls: You all must have heard about the proxy servers. Some of you might also know that we can use proxy servers to hide our IP or access blocked websites. However, very few users know that we can also use a couple of Google services as proxy servers. We are talking about Google WebLight and Google Translate services. The following article will guide you few simple steps that will allow you to use these Google services as proxy servers.

Why do you actually need a Proxy Server?  

A lot of times you would come across situations in school, college or offices where the access to some specific websites is blocked. There may be legitimate reasons to block them. But, what if you need to send an urgent mail and find that all mailing services are blocked. You will find yourself stuck badly. But, it will not be the case if you know how to use Google services as proxy servers. It takes just a few seconds to bypass paywalls or download files from a blocked website.

How to Use Google Services as Proxy Servers to Bypass Paywalls, Download Files

1. Google Translate as Proxy server

  1. Open Google Translate Page. If you cannot find the page directly, you can also Search for ‘Google Translate’ on Google.
  2. On the Google Translate Page, you need to choose the source and destination language.
  3. Choose any source language that you do not speak such as “Japanese”. For the destination language, choose one that you speak such as “English”.
  4. Now copy the URL of the web page that is blocked and paste it in the box below the source language and wait for the translated version.
  5. You will get an URL in the destination language box corresponding to the URL that you entered.
  6. When you click on this link, the desired page will open in the Google Translate box, translated in your own language.

Note: This is a pretty good trick but works only for the websites that are blocked by the local administrator. If the website has been blocked by your ISP, this trick would not be useful.

2. Google WebLight services as Proxy server

What is Google WebLight service?

Some websites are loaded with heavy graphics and images that can take a very long time to open on a slow connection. With Google WebLight services, you can open these heavy websites easily on any slow connection. It actually converts the web page into a mobile site format which can compress the website by as much as 80%.

How to use Google WebLight as a proxy server?

It is very simple to use Google WebLight as a proxy server. You just need to replace the word ‘Fossbytes’ in the following URL.


Suppose you want to open using Google WebLight as a proxy server, just enter as URL on your browser. This method is not limited, unlike the first method. By using this method you can unblock all the websites, whether they are blocked by the local administrator or your ISP.

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