How To Use Philip Hue Bulbs Without A Hub

How To Use Philip Hue Bulbs Without A Hub: The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Philip hue bulb is “it is just another bulb”. But hey wait for a second! We might be wrong on our part as it is a revolutionary futuristic technology. Hue bulbs usually connect to a main hub/Hue Bridge which in turn allows control of other lights. Hub provides communication with the smartphone through which you can control the lighting in the house whether it is brightness, power on-off or colors. Now if you want to save money over Hue Bridge and use Philips Hue Bulbs without Hub, then the answer is yes, you can do that. The question that arises is how to use Philip hue bulbs without a hub?

How To Use Philip Hue Bulbs Without A Hub

Is it possible or is it not? Well, we can definitely look into it. Philip hue bulbs are smart bulbs. Adding a central hub might sound a little expensive for a few people who are not much into smartphones but smart bulbs are what they want. In such cases, Hue Dimmer Switches can be the alternative to the central hub.

We have already written an article to get past the Philips Hue’s ‘iCloud Sync’ roadblock and today we are going to tell you the trick to saving some money with Hue lights.

Here Is How To Use Philip Hue Bulbs Without A Hub

It is quite simple and easy to get this task accomplished. You simply have to follow a few steps. First of all, buy a Hue Dimmer switch that comes in a kit. The kit contains a Hue bulb too and the cost is approximate $35. It is as simple as trying to screw any other light bulb. After this pull, the battery tab off the remote turns the switch on. It will take hardly 30 seconds to get this on and there you are! The house gets beautified to a cozy home. The ease and convenience of Philip hue bulbs are impeccable. You wouldn’t want any other bulb after this.How To Use Philip Hue Bulbs Without A Hub

Pros and cons

  • Without spending on the central hub that is priced at approximation $70, one can use Philip hue bulbs
  • You don’t have to have an app on your smartphones to control the Philip hue bulb
  • The setup time is approximately 30 seconds which is no time indeed. Apart from saving money, Hue Dimmer Switches save time too
  • If you are wondering, it is easy and less time consuming, there are obstacles pertaining to it
  • Unlike the central hub, with Hue Dimmer Switches, you will be able to connect up to 10 bulbs
  • The bulbs which are likely to change color won’t with those switches
  • But there are a lot of merits too. Apart from the above mentioned, you can have two or more switches to control different bulbs

But one thing to consider is when you have multiple Hue dimmer switches, you are obviously spending more. You might want to think about getting one central hub than multiple dimmer switches.

We had heard about controlling AC, TV and other home equipment sitting at one place. We never thought about bulbs. The advance of technology has much to offer that defines convenient living. Everything we use is smart these days no doubt. With this smart bulb, life gets a new aspect of smartness. If you were confused about how to use Philip hue bulbs without a hub, then I am sure you have found the answer by now.

Here is a video tutorial which will help you in setting the Hue lamps without a Hue Hub:

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