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Indian Government Is Launching Its Own DNS Fast & Safe Browsing

Indian Government Is Launching Its Own DNS Fast & Safe Browsing Posted On
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That’s is correct Indian Government will soon launch a public Domain Name Server (DNS) specifically for Indian users. The move is being made by the government to provide faster and more secure internet browsing. Indian DNS will target to make sure that the user data stays locally stored instead of going to foreign institutes. It will provide credible DNS service to small Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who can’t afford to have one.

What Is DNS?

A DNS is like a directory or table for internet which interrelates domain names with hosting server’s IP address. Domain name is easy for users to remember and computers only understand IP addresses. DNS services make website loading speed faster. In case the DNS server slows down or stops responding then the user won’t be able to access internet websites using domain names.

Government Of India is Launching Its Own DNS Fast & Safe Browsing

A spokesperson from the IT Ministry said, “The main aim of bringing our own public DNS is to ensure availability, particularly for smaller Interest Service Providers (ISPs) who don’t have credible DNS. Bigger ones usually have their own DNS.”

He also mentioned that there are other open DNS servers available including Cloudflare DNS ( and Google Public DNS( but India’s own DNS will prevent users from visiting malicious sites! The platform is being developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Premier Science and Technology organisation of the Government of India. It is expected to launch this public DNS in the next four to six months.

Now, most of the readers would be wondering if this new technology is going to help the government in blocking content and enhance surveillance well for which you must know that government doesn’t need any DNS to block content they can do that easily by instructing the ISP. The spokesperson cleared:

“If the government wants to block a website, we have a mechanism in place. We can send a list to the ISPs for reasons such as child porn or fake news, and they have to comply with the order.”

“If you use any public DNS, they access and use all your data. It is not that users will compulsorily need to shift to India public DNS. A user is free to choose any DNS.”

He also added that if you use Indian public DNS then the user data will stay in the country. They also have plans to make Indian citizens aware of online security and usage of DNS if they would like to shift to Indian DNS.

Wrapping up, I would say the educating citizens about online security and privacy is an amazing idea, but being sceptical myself of governments’ surveillance tactics I am not sure how the data will be used by the Government of India. But it is quite clear that the user data will become very easy for the Indian government to access user data.

Indian Government Is Launching Its Own DNS Fast & Safe Browsing
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