Insight Into FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows – Advanced Review

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Have some photos with beautiful moments yet still locking them in the drawers? Don’t you feel it a pity? Why not take them out and make a beautiful collage? If you are worried about having no sophisticated skill to do it correctly in Photoshop, then take a quick look at this article and FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows! The application will take you through the collage design process easily. With it, you will find that it is like a minute work and full of fun when making a collage!

FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows – “Love Collage Design and Enjoy Creativity! “

FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows is a flagship product of FotoJet series, the Windows edition for easy collage design. It’s made by PearlMountainSoft, a good-reputation graphics company. Besides FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, you may also like to know its online free version. As for Mac users, FotoJet Collage Maker for Mac can be more attractive and useful, but there is not much difference between Windows version and Mac version, and you can still know its functions from this review.


Standpoint 1 – Versatile Collage Templates

Starting with FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, you will find it provides you with more template choices as long as you click and expand a collage theme. In total, there are 3 collage sections, each with 2-5 collage themes respectively, including “Photo Grid”, “Classic”, “Art”, “3D”, “Creative”, “Comic”, “Fun Photo”, etc.

Standpoint 2 – Fully Support You Creating Collage from Zero

When judging a collage maker, it’s significant to look at its support for DIY collage from a blank space. FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows not only supports it but also gives you more freedom to do it in your own way and makes it great. Take “Photo Grid” in the interface, click [All] drop-down list, you will find you are allowed to make a collage out of 16 photos maximally. It indeed gives enough grid layouts for collage using. But you will soon realize that these templates are fixed when choosing one template you are free to delete some unwanted grids by clicking the cross icon in the grids. Of course, you have the ability to set the roundness of the grids. As a result, you will get a photo grid collage tailored to your taste.

Standpoint 3 – Fun Photo Templates Are Adorable

We find Fun Photo theme extremely positive and “promising”! It takes a bit while to play the theme nice and soon have an everybody love collage, which is perfect to be used as social media photo and share in your timeline. Such a collage photo has the potential to become a hot topic, and definitely create an easy, leisure moment. Best of best, FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows gives you a shortcut to share your finishing collage art in your social post. Supported social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Insight Into FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows - Advanced Review

Standpoint 4 – Cool Texts as Watermark or Sidenote

FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows offers a variety of cool fonts and styles for text adding. To take advantage of this feature, go [Text], scroll up and down to view them, and press the one you prefer. A text instance will be inserted and float on your canvas. If you are not satisfied with how it looks, a selection of the text will present you the optional items for a change. You can try one by one, or just try your favorite ones and use “Undo” and “Redo” buttons to move to your best option.

Standpoint 5 – Luxurious Backgrounds

For those design the collage from zero, the background, clipart(shape) and text can be extremely necessary. In FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, you will find the background options under [BKGround]: Around 100 background canvas as your collage “wallpaper”, plus it prepares solid color and gradient color for DIYers.

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In Conclusion

Just like without knowing logo designing tip, you can still design an affordable logo via DesignEvo. Collage design has no difference. FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows is a satisfying collage application with rich features for collage building, easy navigations that every computer user can run without thinking. Cause collage can be finished in such an easy collage software, collage art, and collage creation are not a royalty passion reserved for the minority anymore. Enjoy the using of FotoJet Collage Maker of Windows and enjoy life beautiful moments!

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