Google is Adding Most Awaited Feature To Google Maps – “Stay Safer”, Google is Sending Exclusive Invites For Testing

Google is adding New Feature To Google Maps - "Stay Safer", Google is Sending Exclusive Invites Posted On
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Google is going to introduce a new feature named as Stay Safer in its Google Maps application. Stay safer will work as a personal safety tool and it will notify riders if their cab or auto driver deviates from its expected route. Google is starting testing for the same tool and sent confidential invitations to Maps’ Local Guides for testing the same feature. Invitation said:

Want to help people in your community feel safer when travelling by autos or cabs? You can get early access to test an exciting new feature coming to Google Maps: Stay safer will track if your driver goes off route. To try it, you’ll need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Then look out for an email on how to use the feature and share feedback.

Google Maps - Stay Safer
Google Maps – Stay Safer

Google also mentioned a note in the invitation mail asking users to sign a Google Early Tester Agreement. Which will work as NDA  (Non Disclosure Agreement) and all participants need to be above 18 years old.

Note: This is an exclusive invitation. Please do not share or forward with anyone. Participation is limited and subject to approval. To participate you must be at least 18 years old and accept the terms of our Google Early Tester Agreement.

It is still not clear how Google is selecting the testers but they seems to be only from the pool of people who have registered as Google Maps Local Guide.

This feature will track users based on their source and destination location and if the ride they are travelling on goes off route then it will notify users. What other functions this additional feature will bring is still behind the curtain. But this new feature of Google Maps is expected to give users a breath of relief when their family member are travelling alone.

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