There is a new threat that is haunting Apple users who store their private data into iCloud. The basis of this treat is the report that suggests that iCloud servers have been hacked. Actually, there is a group of hackers who have reportedly managed to gain access to more than 300 million iCloud accounts. The hackers are demanding a ransom of $75,000 in crypto-currency or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards from Apple. Failing to which, the hackers would wipe out all the information from this hacked iCloud accounts by April 7th. We do not have full information about the hackers other than that they call themselves as ‘Turkish Crime Family’.

How come everyone came to know that iCloud servers have been hacked

The turbulence started with the report by Motherboard on Tuesday. According to the report, one of the members of the hacker’s group revealed screenshots of the conversation with the Apple’s security team.  The screen shots of the emails exchanged between the Apple’s security team and hackers also show that when Apple asked for evidence, hackers responded with a YouTube video. In this video, the hackers demonstrated what they can do by deleting all the data from an allegedly hacked account. This is enough to at least make us think that iCloud servers have been hacked.

The Claims lack consistency which makes it hard to believe that iCloud servers have been hacked

While everyone including Apple is trying to verify the claims, the inconsistency in the claims makes them doubtful. If we follow the screenshots of email, the hackers claim to have gained control over 300 million accounts. However, the number changes to 200 million if we follow the twitter account of the hackers. There is another source that suggests that the number is 559 million. Thus, the variation in the figures makes this whole thing a bit doubtful but still we cannot completely deny the claims that iCloud servers have been hacked.

What next?

Apple does not seem to be offering any ransom to the hackers. In fact, it has issued a warning to the group that the company will never encourage any acts of cyber crime by rewarding them. It has also asked them to delete the video from YouTube immediately. On the other hand, the hacker’s group is firm on its demands and has given the deadline of April 7. If the Apple does not meet the demands, the group is determined to wipe out all the data.

What can you do to safeguard your data on iCloud Account

Although there is no evidence to verify the whole story, there is nothing wrong in preparing for the worst. Thus, we recommend you to change your iCloud password immediately. You must also enable 2-step authentication to ensure maximum safety from hackers. We have already witnessed one such incidence. Remember ‘The Fappening” where the hackers gained access to iCloud accounts of the celebrities and circulated their nude photos into the public. The best thing about this incidence is that we are already aware of the possible consequences. This gives us a chance to act and prevent the damage. Some experts are also looking at the Turkish Crime Family to do with the latest ‘The Fappening 2.0’ incident. Only the time can now reveal the truth of the entire story.


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