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Is your Smartphone that much dangerous, You must read

Is your Smartphone that much dangerous, You must read: Smartphone has become a basic need of a human being or we can say it became one of our close friends. We spend too much time on it but are you aware of its side-effect? I guess if you came to know about its side effect, you will definitely reduce cell phone usage. Dr. Devra Davas, the author of’ “Disconnect”- The truth about smartphone radiation and how we are affected from it, She has been researching on the safety hazards of radiation emitted from cell phones. She explains how the biological imbalance caused by smartphone is directly related with the nature of signal and phone potential to disrupt interference with DNA repair.


Is your Smartphone that much dangerous, You must read

Smartphone can cause cancer

One of the most dangerous diseases, cancer is caused by the radiations emitted by the Smartphone. Mostly women’s are affected from it, as per the news a woman was diagnosed with muti-focal breast cancer and the distribution of the cancer cell is similar with her cell shape that she had a habit of tucking her cell phone inside her bra. Although doctors can not prove that the cancer is caused due to tucking of a cell phone, but taking caution is advisable. The world Health Organisation(WHO) and International Agency for Reasearch on Cancer (IARC)  have issued a report and admitted that cell phone is one of the causes of cancer.                                                                                

Smartphone can reduce bone density

As per the research published in 2009 said that wearing the cell phone on your belt leads to the weakening of pelvic area. It has been proved by doing an experiment with the help of X-ray technique, the researcher checked the bone density of 150 men who carry smartphone attached with the belt for almost 15 hours a day and they are doing the same from last six years. The researcher concluded that the bone density was low on the side of the pelvis where the mobile phone was carried. This means the EMF(Electromagnetic field) generated by the cell phone affect our bones density. Most of us think that the smartphone only emits radiation when we are on a phone call but it is not like that, smartphone emit radiation when it is in ON mode(not switch off).


Radiation from cell phone can cause parotid gland tumors

Israeli research group found that there is a sharp increase in evidence of parotid gland tumors from last three years. The reason they found is that the mobile phone contribute to salivary gland tumors. It has been seen that children, teenagers and old age people are at a greater risk of parotid gland tumors and brain tumors, it is because of the thinner skin can not withstand the radiations emitted by smartphone. Although pregnant women are advised to reduce the smartphone usage as it would directly affect the mothers and child too.

Smartphone radiation affects the man’s sperm count

Not only this smartphone radiation also affect the man’s sperm count along with the quality of motility of sperm. Keeping smartphone in a pocket also put an effect on liver, bladder, kidney etc.

Research done on gadget and smartphone has given us a conclusion that EMF(Electromagnetic frequencies) producing devices cause cancer, depression, diabetes, heart irregularities, impaired fertility and able to impart our cells and cause damage to DNA.

Now the question arises how to deal with this, smartphone usage can not be stopped or banned as it contains a lot of information in it. We can take some precautions like


  • Children should not be allowed to make use of it
  • Try to use landlines
  • Try to reduce the amount of time which you spend with your cell phone
  • Smartphone emits radiation as long as it is ON so try to keep the smartphone in switch off mode
  • Try to carry your smartphone in purse
  • Try to keep a minimum distance of 6-inche between smartphone antenna and your body

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