Is YouTube TV Worthy Streaming Service After The New Price Rise?

Is YouTube TV worthy streaming service after the new price rise? Posted On
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Surfacing over the existing TV channels, YouTube made an attempt to provide popular streaming channels at a lower rate and surely it did succeed.  Back in 2017, Google launched YouTube TV, a subscription service based on Internet Live TV.  At that point in time, YouTube TV hosted around 40 TV channels and a few of the channels from one demand section.  Such a service would cost you around $35 per month.

Sounds cheap, right? Truly it was in 2017. But as time passed and the popularity of YouTube TV surged high, it intended to add more channels to it. This addition raised the subscription price from $35 to $40 per month in the next year.  And now again in 2019, it is expected that the addition of discovery channels would leverage the price from $40 to $50. The subscription would have around 70 channels including Food Network, Discovery, TLC, and the HGTV.

While the price rise would seem conventional and necessary yet users are not debating on the need for such an online subscription service. According to a survey, it was seen that after the price shift from $35 to $40,  not many users subscribed to the service and now when this amount is again set to increase,  adding users would be extremely difficult.

It is believed that new channels that are being added to the subscription-based TV is not essential and only lays up the subscription price.  Also, by adding such channels that do not require live streaming, YouTube is cutting the cord and shifting away from its a focus to stream live shows. By continuously adding unwanted channels,  YouTube is only parroting the path of local cable channels but fails to cut down the cost of the service.

Considering the above, if YouTube TV is transforming itself as the cable channel, opting for its service is not worth the money one needs to pay.  Where a local cable subscriber bill $109 and $60 for internet services why would one pay $50 for around 70 channels on YouTube TV and mind this does not include your internet charges. Several cable TV companies have now come up with clubbed offers of TV plus internet to cut down the cost and at the same time attract a range of customers.

While few might be still debating between YouTube TV and the Cable TV, here we have a list of Internet-based subscription service. The current era witnesses multiple of its kind.  Hulu with live TV, Sling TVDirect TV and Vue.  They all are in the race to top the Internet-based subscription service. Drawing a line of comparison between all these streaming services would make this picture a bit more clear.

Per Month Subscription Price

  • YouTube TV: $50
  • Hulu With Love TV: $45
  • Direct Now: $50
  • PlayStation Vue: $45
  • Sling: $25


Channels Streamed

  • YouTube TV: 70+ YouTube Red Original
  • Hulu With Love TV: 60+
  • Direct Now: 45+
  • PlayStation Vue: 45+
  • Sling: 29



  • YouTube TV: Yes
  • Hulu With Love TV: Yes
  • Direct Now: Yes
  • PlayStation Vue: Yes
  • Sling: $5 extra needs to be paid


On Demand Channels

  • YouTube TV: Yes
  • Hulu With Love TV: Yes
  • Direct Now: Yes
  • PlayStation Vue: Yes
  • Sling: Yes


Simultaneous Streaming

  • YouTube TV: 3
  • Hulu With Love TV: 2
  • Direct Now: 2
  • PlayStation Vue: 5 (1 PS4, 1 PS3, 3 total iOS, Android and web)
  • Sling: 1 (with Orange), 3 (with Blue) 4 (in the $40 per month Orange/Blue)

There exists a subtle difference between all. On average, every service charges $40-$50 offering similar kind of services.  In face of the above facts, Earlier YouTube TV was giving a good competition with the lowest $40 price tag but not the only affordable option. And to speak of the competition, again the ball falls in the customer’s lap because now they may have to give another thought to their priorities before selecting any of the services. That too is happening when there are so many free movie streaming apps available for Android as well as for iOS on the internet.

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