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Jio’s Super App Could Be The Indian Version Of WeChat

Jio's Super App Could Be The Indian Version Of WeChat Posted On
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It’s been three years and Reliance Jio leaves no opportunity to amaze the nation. The timeline of victory started with the launch of Reliance Jio as the cheapest and the most affordable networking sim nationwide. Considerable plans and rates accounted for its exponential growth. Also, this led to a revolution in the telecom sector. Nearly every telecom company was forced to reduce its subscription plans.

No doubt, Jio has witnessed tremendous success since it’s launch. Even now the company does not seem to pause and is planning to extend its rendered services. Trying hands on a range of different domains, the company is all set to come up with a super app.  This app as the number suggests would be the storehouse of a bunch of services. Right from e-commerce to grocery, online bookings and likewise payments, Jio’s super app would definitely be a threat to the existing e-Commerce giants. You could consider it be somewhat like the Paytm app we use almost every day.

However, the main idea has splurged from the WeChat app in China. Both Freecharge and Paytm are trying hard to be as popular in WeChat,  but they are lagging behind. In such a scenario, Jio has brighter chances to be the Indian version of China’s WeChat.

About The App

According to several sources, it is confirmed that Jio would soon hit the e-Commerce industry with an app namely the Jio SuperApp and aims to bridge the gap between Indian offline and online retail industry. In the words of Mr Mukesh Ambani, the super app would aim to transform the face of the retail industry in India. It would bring a dramatic shift in the life of around 3 crore merchants who are engaged in the everyday retail business. Giving an online presence to their offline business would help them outreach a wider audience base and at the same time grow faster.


The pervasiveness of Jio has worked wonders for its father company, Reliance. Today, Jio devices are extensively used across the nation and with the advent of the super app, the same would flare beyond boundaries, rendering an array of services and merging the offline media to the online portals. Being the mobile first nation and backed by a transparent network helps reach potential customers easy. However,  the outcomes would be the only concluding factor, still, we can assess the performance and anticipate whether this new Reliance venture fetches success to the company.

The Success Rate Of Super App

Though the app is yet to hit the market and we are just assuming it to be a bedrock of essential services and driving features, the success still stands a matter of concern. Where a majority of the crowd believes that the 300 million user base of Jio is sufficient enough to popularize the app and drive sales, others believe the app would have a tough time competing with the existing e-commerce giants, Amazon and Flipkart.

Needless to state that an existing user base makes it’s easier to marketize the product and initiate sales. Jio has been working on multiple things and does not stop even if it fails. Earlier, it had merchandise in Flipkart but since it is on the way to launch its own app, it has removed the same. Another initiative by Reliance Jio is the GigaFiber which is about to enter the market. This would comprise of TV, the internet as well as landline services and at a price of Rs 600 per month.

So, it seems that the super app would not have to struggle a lot. Low prices layered up with the tremendous popularity of Jio would narrow down the issues in the earlier phase of app launch and add to the success of the same.

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