Kit Harington Winks and Blinks His Way Through When Asked For ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers

Kit Harington Winks and Blinks His Way Through When Asked For 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers Posted On
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Kit Harington, who is portraying Jon Snow character in superhit television series Game of Thrones came on “The Tonight Show” this week. On the show, he made clear that he doesn’t like when people say “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Also, he shared how his brother worked out the same phrase in the Best Man speech at his wedding.

He also proved himself most suitable for coming to promotional shows and revealing nothing about the upcoming Season 8. Well, why would he reveal anything when he can get through all the spoiler questions with few cute winks and blinks.

The words “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” which have been haunting him from a long time were uttered in the same show by then off-screen lover Rose Leslie (Ygritte), who is ironically his wife now.

Kit Harington said told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, “I hate it when people say it.”

Kit got married to his GoT co-star Rose Leslie on June 23, 2018. He also said, “‘But looking at the woman you’re marrying, it shows you do know something, Jon Snow.”

Fallon also questioned the actor about the rumours of him attending a costume party dressed as Jon Snow and Kit admitted it to be true. He also mentioned that the party was organized on the occasion of his wife, Leslie’s 30th birthday.

Harington also added that it wasn’t a “Game of Thrones” themed party but actually, it was a “bad taste” party. “So I thought about it and I thought, you know, what’s worst taste than going as the character you play in the show you’re on,” Kit said. “It’s really bad taste. So I did, thinking this was really funny. ”

When Jimmy came to the spoiler-y part of questions he decided to be sticking to “Yes” or “No” questions and for answering as “yes” Kit could just wink and blink for “no”. But Kit was not even able to wink and gave a cross impression between wink and blink. So after all the efforts, we didn’t get any spoilers from Jon Snow.

So, guys, you will have to wait until Sunday, April 14th, 9 P.M. ET which is the scheduled time for the release of Game of Thrones final season on HBO.


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