Kronaby Connected Watches Promise 2-year Battery Life

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Kronaby  Connected Watches Promises 2-year Battery Life

The Kronaby connected watches seek to provide both, a classy wristwatch and a smart wearable. What makes these watches stand out among its peers is its long persisting battery. The biggest advantage or merit of Kronaby Connected watches over other smartwatches is 2 years battery backup. Watches with similar features are almost least preferred to Kronaby connected watches for the latter’s huge battery backup. These watches are available in four variants and price ranges between €345 and €595. These smartwatches can be pre-ordered right now and company will start shipping on March 31.Kronaby Connected Watches Promise 2-year Battery Life

Features Of Kronaby Connected Watch

  1. Kronaby’s new line of smartwatches is the perfect blend of features of both smart watches and classy wrist watches.
  2. In fact, Kronaby connected watches are not strictly smart watches, they are mostly connected watches where one gets a proper analog watch with smart features.
  3. As the manufacturers claim the battery life of a Koronaby connected watches will last for Two Years. Covering four different innovative design ranges, these watches contain features that include vibrating alarm, vibrating notifications, and a vibrating reminder to get moving.
  4. Along with the natural feature of having an alarm, the Kronaby connected watches is endowed with a vibrating reminder to get you moving and provides a certain degree of freedom with personalising push button.
  5. With Filtered notifications, it makes sure only the important things come through. Keep your phone out of sight and concentrate on the task at hand.
  6. Kronaby connected watches make you be smart about your time. It helps you save time with its smart features. It lets you make the most of your time by removing distractions. It always tells you the correct time wherever you are and whenever you need to know the time.
  7. These watches keep track of how much you move directly on the watch face. It alerts you to move when you sit for a pretty long time.
  8. The pushers on the right side of the Kronaby connected watches can be programmed to carry out a number of functions such as music control, camera remote and geotagging.

Whatsoever, Konarby’s promise for unimaginably long battery life which makes its watches stand out in the pantheon of similar products.


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