Best 10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Student- A Personal Experience

Best 10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Student- Student life is not easy with all those assignments and papers to submit. Whether you are a school freshman or an engineering student, you must be struggling to find ways to make your life easier. There are a big number of Google Chrome extensions or tools which help to keep you focused and increases your productivity.

Best 10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Student- A Personal Experience

One of the Reddit users was also going through the same state. He compiled a list of 10 must have chrome extensions for every student and shared on Reddit. We recompiled and updated that list of productivity-enhancement Chrome extensions to make them more useful for you. The below 10 must have chrome extensions for every student might be very helpful for you. Let us go through this list of best Chrome extensions for students in his own words:

AdBlock Plus

First of all, you should have an ad blocker extension as it saves a lot of page loading time and mobile data. AdBlock Plus is the best adblocker as it blocks almost every type of ad. The sites you are visiting are not making money by itself but they need to advertise to keep generating the good content so it is advisable to take the decision on your own choice.

Session Buddy 

For when you’re writing a paper & research with a lot of tabs open and you don’t want to bookmark them all. ctrl+f’d for this, absolutely vital. lets you save entire sessions (e.g. all your windows and tabs), name them, reload them whenever you want.

Cite This For Me: Web Citer 

This one hurts me a bit as my days with MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago are coming to an end. The extension adds a button to the top of your browser that you simply click, and it will automatically site whatever website or article you are on. From my experimentation with it, it seems to work just as well as EasyBib or any of those other sites and it is much faster to go through.

Block & Flow 

Using the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of uninterrupted work, 5-minute break) has been a huge boon to my productivity. Especially useful for Reddit/social media addicts.

Google Dictionary

If you get this extension, you will have no excuse to not know a word that is on an article or textbook (online). It’s very simple, double-click or highlight over a word you don’t know and it will define it for you. I imagine any science or legal majors will love this one in particular.

Grammarly for Chrome

I often use bad grammar and I know it. This extension gives me craps for it all the time, but it helps. It highlights grammatical or spelling errors for you anywhere and allows you to quickly correct it.


I’ve always used Pocket to keep bookmarks safe, as it has features that I use but Readability never offered. However, Readability extension had become obsolete year back for good. Pocket is a life saver for me as it can sync all my bookmarked article with all my devices.


I know I can’t be the only lazy who sometimes does not want to actually use my eyes to read textbooks or articles. This app lets you highlight text, you click a button, and a pleasant voice reads it to you as you browse Reddit. Or I guess you could take notes as you listen too…

It works in several different languages and accents (if you somehow understand German-English accents over the default one). You can also control the speed that it talks to you in words per minute. I could see myself playing it out loud randomly just to try and feed the information into my brain, but I would still recommend reading like a normal person every once in a while too.

Block & Focus

Type in the websites that distract you a cough and let this thing keep you away. Manage your workflow and control when you take breaks and when you work. There are others like this one and they are all probably worth a shot.


I haven’t tested this one out but it looks amazing for those who are in O-Chem or higher. It allows you to draw up molecules and look at them 3 dimensionally. I was one of those losers that bought an actual molecule set for $40 to understand what I’m looking at, so this might save you money if you have trouble visualizing molecules.

Additional Tips That I Learned

Make a folder on your bookmark tab, and slide all of your nonproductive websites in there. Leave a bookmark for any of your online school based websites. It will be hard but it has helped me stay away from time wasting sites.

Use for your late night studies or binges. It’s a simple interface that aims to sync you up with your rem cycles for the best sleep possible. I cannot say it works every time, but this site has saved me some cranky days as I stayed up too late studying.

Use RainyMood to destress yourself. I’m sure many of you know about it but I love this one.

Use f.lux to dim your PC screen to prevent eye strain and help you fall asleep. It changes the color temperature of the monitor (like the new “night mode” on iOS devices) to prevent straining your eyes too much. On smartphones, Some things will become difficult to tap, since f.lux adds an overlay to your screen. If that happens, it’s not your phone. Just pause f.lux, press whatever couldn’t be pressed, and continue it.

I may have missed a lot of important extensions and tips. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section below! Good luck in your studies friends!

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