Meet the World’s First Smart Bra: The wearable technology, yes we are not just talking about watches and fitness bands. But regular garments that could be more useful than a wrist watch or band that ends up in a drawer. Something you will wear everytime will now have a smart electronics and sensors built right in.

OmSignal,  a Canadian company which happens to be doing some pretty amazing work at incorporating high-tech electronics into clothing. The company has already made “smart” compression shirts for men, has now been flauting their newest creation- a sports bra for women. The smart bra called the OmBra will help women track heart rate, breathing rate, and calories burned over the course of a workout.

Meet the World’s First Smart Bra

The sensors are all built into what resembles a little black box thaat snaps into the lower band of sports bra, along the rib cage. This box monitors and wirelessly transmits all of these reading to OmSignal’s mobile app on a nearby smartphone. This can be used to measure parameters during a workout such as distance covered during a run, pace, breathing rythm, and fatigue levels.

The system enables the wearer to monitor real-time readouts of metrics during a workout, and even delivers post-workout analytics. It show a live stream of biometrics while exercising, but afterwards, will show which heart rate zones was hitted the most and for how much time, the estimated recovery time. This in turn help the users to identify weak points and possibly hit peak performance the next time around.

According to the company, the bra is rechargeable and is stated to last for up to 10 workouts or a full day of regular use before needing a recharge. It is also splash-proof and comes with adjustable bands and straps that helps it conform to just about any body shape.

The Smart Bra is estimated to cost around $150 which suprisingly not cheap. OmSignal’s compression shirt kits for men starts at around $275, and cost even more once you couple it with high-end apparel partner like Ralph Lauren. Other companies which are selling sensor-filled clothes charge comparable higher price like Athos and Hexoskin.

Meet the World's First Smart Bra

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