How To Protect Your PC From Ransomware

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How To Protect Your PC From Ransomware: Our personal computers and laptops have become an integral part of our lives where we store all the precious data. Technological advancements have ensured that almost every laptop or computer is now connected to each other via the internet. However, the growth of internet connectivity has also made our information vulnerable to the hackers and intruders who are constantly looking for loopholes in the network security.

Our information and data are threatened by various types of malicious applications including Malware, Trojans, and Virus etc that can run in the background and corrupt or steal our data. One of the latest additions in this category is of Ransomware. So, what is Ransomware? It is actually a special type of malware that can virtually encrypt all your data and take control over your PC. The worst part is that you are forced to pay a certain amount as ransom to regain access to your data. Ransomware can affect files that are easily accessible over a network or the internet.

How To Protect Your PC From Ransomware

You can ensure that Ransomware does not take control of your PC by taking care of simple security measures such as:

  • Checking for Windows Updates regularly and installing at least the security updates.
  • Keep your Antivirus up to date with the latest database of the viruses, malwares, and Trojans.

There are some inbuilt applications such as such as Microsoft’s SmartScreen to protect your PC from suspicious activities. Google Safe Browsing also keeps your PC safe.

Usually, users themselves are responsible for allowing Ransomware to take control by downloading and installing such files that are attached to the phishing emails. In case you do not have active antivirus to check files before downloading, you can also check suspicious files by uploading them to online antivirus applications such as VirusTotal, Kaspersky Online Scanner, Metadefender etc.

What can you do if your PC is already affected by Ransomware?

In most of the situations, you cannot access your computer at all. Even you cannot shut down your PC normally. Here you would need to run an Antivirus from a Bootable Media that will work as Ransomware removal tool.

  1. You would first need to download an Antivirus in another PC from one of the following links: Avira Rescue System, Comodo Rescue Disk (CRD), or Norton Bootable Recovery Tool
  2. You can use either a USB flash drive or CD to install the downloaded bootable antivirus. Flash drives are better as they run faster and do not require an optical drive. Click on Install and choose the location of external media.
  3. Unplug the flash drive from the current PC and plug it into the infected PC.
  4. Restart your PC in Safe Mode. You can do this by pressing F8 on top row when your PC boots. This will take you the Advanced Boot Options from where you need to select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and press Enter.
  5. Now you will be able to access some basic programs. Go to ‘My Computer’ and run the antivirus from the external media (CD of Flash Drive).
  6. Scan your PC to detect the Ransomware and remove it from your PC.
  7. Restart your PC once all the virus and malware are removed safely.

Hope this article ‘How To Protect Your PC From Ransomware’ was helpful in resolving your queries, if you still need any help with Ransomware then leave your queries in the comment section below.

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