You may soon be able to control your home with a smart wall

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You may soon be able to control your home with a smart wall: In their combined effort by researchers at Carnegie Mellow University and Disney Research have developed a way to make your walls smart at a cost of just $20 per meter. Now you will be able to control your whole smart home with just a few taps and swipes anywhere on your walls.

A number of experiments have been conducted at Carnegie Mellon University campus to successfully convert ordinary walls into responsive smart walls. The smart wall dubbed as Wall++ will use a conductive paint and few sensor boards which will be applied over the simple wall. After complete installation become a long touchpad that can guess taps, walls, and gestures to control appliances and smart gadgets in the house.

Soon You Will Be Able To Control Your Home With A Smart Wall
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Yang Zhang, a Ph.D. student in the university’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, who is also a member of this researcher team told NBC News, “Users can control lighting or music play by double-tapping on walls or through swipe gestures. Similarly, users can also touch these walls to send commands to smart appliances such as TVs, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.”

This wall uses a number of electromagnetic sensors to track and monitor electrical devices and smart appliances. The wall will command all the devices to do the job assigned to it. High-tech “Wall++” will look just like any other ordinary wall but you will be able to do amazing things without even moving or hustling for a remote or your smartphone. Wall++ will prove to be milestone step on the way to achieve the target of the full Internet of Things goal.

“Walls are usually the largest surface area in a room, yet we don’t make much use of them other than to separate spaces, and perhaps hold up pictures and shelves,” said Chris Harrison, an assistant professor in CMU’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII). “As the internet of things and ubiquitous computing become reality, it is tempting to think that walls can become active parts of our living and work environments.

The wall will not be only able to execute tasks asked of it but will also react intelligently. For example, if the tv is made on in the room it will automatically dim the lights without even being asked and can respond to human presence inside the room.

You may soon be able to control your home with a smart wall

The system is yet to be modified to increase the energy efficiency and they are also trying to find a way to avoid installing sensor boards under your walls. After these modifications, they will go forward with the commercial partners to make it commercial and we would say $20 pricing is really a deal maker.


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