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Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives

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Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives — You must be having hundreds of images stored on your phone, computer, and camera. You always to try to capture the best moment in the best way. Many of those captured images are for personal use and some are for sharing with friends, family, social media, and for professional use.

Most of the images that we clicked seem right to you. But for a photographer, it is not possible to click the perfect picture every time. However, with the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can make them something extraordinary. But to use Photoshop you need formal training as it’s not the easiest photo editing tool out there. Of course, it’s neither the cheapest photo editing tool. But don’t worry there are a number of open source photo editing programs available online which gives almost all the features of Adobe Photoshop plus they are easier to use.

Here we are going to share with you the list of 10 best free photo editing software that can easily work as photoshop alternative. All the photo editors explained here are some of the best alternatives to Photoshop, which also help in easing the editing work.

Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives

Let us have a look at detailed features of 10 best free photo editing software with which you can make premium quality images:

1) GIMPTop 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is the powerful image editor and provides an extensive array of options suitable for both professionals and novices. You can use the software to perform basic editing such as resizing, cropping, and changing the format. If you have experience in editing pictures, you can use layer masks to create amazing outputs.

Download GIMP For Free – GNU/Linux | OS X | Microsoft Windows



Do not be fooled by the name! No, it is not the program made available by Microsoft. The free photo editing software is powerful and easy to operate. However, it does not possess the sheer editing power provided by GIMP. The advantage is the presence of filters, layers, and plugin support. The 3D zoom function comes handy during recomposing images.

Download Paint.NET For Free – Microsoft Windows


3) Photos Pos ProPhoto Pos Pro screen grab

If you are searching for a free picture editor that offers a similar experience as that of Photoshop, then Photos Pos Pro is the answer. The interface is smart and provides excellent accessibility than GIMP. The expert layer is a combination of layer and layer masks, which fulfills the need of sophisticated editing.

Download Photos Pos Pro For Free – Microsoft Windows


4) FotorFotor

You can term Fotor as the best photo editor that is simple to use when compared with GIMP. An advantage provided by the software is its batch editing ability. You can apply the editing properties to all the images in a folder. Rather than layers, Fotor delivers you with scenes that you can use according to the need. Others include the red-eye tool, white balance, curve, and vignette.

Download Fotor For Free – Microsoft Windows


5) PhotoScapePhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free picture editor but does not take it lightly because of its interface. Do not be mistaken, as you will find a wealth of editing choices under the menu. The features provided cover both a beginner and advanced user. Exclusive options include editing in batches, creating GIF animations, and processing images for printing. Use the filters and frames to add the retro effect. The possibilities that you can create using the software are endless.

Download PhotoScape For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows 10 | Other Windows Version


6) Google Nik CollectionGoogle Nik Collection screen grab

Google has the penchant for entering every market. It purchased the German-based company Nik in 2012 and sold the image editor plugin for USD 500. However, it decided to give away for free from 2016. In turn, you receive – color corrector Color Efex, lens and film emulator Analog Efex, selective color tweaker Viveza, noise reducer Dfine, monochrome converter Silver Efex, HDR Efex, and sharpener. You can add to Photoshop or run as standalone editing tools.

Download Google Nik Collection For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows


7) On1 Effects 10.5 freeOn1 Effects 10.5 Free screen grab

The free version is a cut-down edition of the On1 Effects 10.5 Proper. An interesting fact about the free picture editor is the application of the filter. Rather than applying wholly, you can use the brush tool and apply at the required regions, which create a unique look to the picture. You can use the stripped features – HDR, glow, vignette, and vintage if you want to add vibrant effects to an image.

Download On1 Effect 10.5 For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows


8) HitFilm ExpressTop 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives

HitFilm Express is another great completely free tool for picture editing. It is also a free video editing tool specialized in digital effects with makes it more suitable for modern photo editing requirements. With 2D and 3D effects compositing, you can create a looking professional image. It also has 180 visual effects to boost the image quality and make any image you might want to. You don’t have to take training to create Train in the Jedi and call of Wild West type of professional posters with its easy interface.

Download HitFilm Express For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows

9)  Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express screen grab

As you may have already guessed from the name it’s a tool from mighty Adobe itself but the features of this image editing tool are completely different than the industrial standard Adobe Photoshop. It may not have those advanced photo editing tools as in mighty photo editing tool but it has everything to create a stunningly beautiful image. Since there are no such advanced features, so it’s easier to use as compared to Adobe Photoshop. It combines a list of Instagram style filters and can be applied to your picture to enhance its quality.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows


10) Pixlr

pixlr - best photo editing software

Pixlr is one of the best photo editing program about which you may have heard already as an online photo editing tool. Pixlr is developed by Autodesk, the same company who created AutoCAD. Pixlr was already a best one online editor and now it is also available as a desktop software. Like the online version this offline picture editor software is also completely free and reliable editor. It is another Photoshop alternative which also has a simpler interface as compared to photoshop. It’s very easy to install Pixlr photo editor and more easy to use. With just a few clicks you can apply various attractive edge and make a brilliant picture. To use Pixlr as free editing utility you have to install the program on desktop and get a free subscription to be able to apply effects and enjoy full features. However, for advanced features, you may need a pro subscription to Pixlr.

Download Pixlr For Free – OS X | Microsoft Windows


I hope photo editing tools in above list of “Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software -Premium Photoshop Alternatives”, fulfill your editing needs, if you have any suggestions or queries, please leave them in the comment section below. Subscribe to our website to see more of such customized lists directly to your inbox!


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