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Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps One Should Not Miss

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Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps One Should Not Miss: iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the market. Yes, it has good hardware but it’s the software, the application is what sets the phone apart from the other. A huge number of applications are available for download in Android phones too but the usability and graphics in iPhone are quite different and stunning. If you are a new iPhone user and looking for the top 10 apps to install on your newly purchased iPhone, so it gives you productivity and fulfills all your daily needs, then you hit the right place. Here, we are going to give you the list of 10 must have iPhone apps one should not miss and install them first-hand.

In first models of iPhone, you couldn’t even run one third party application. Now with new upgradations in iOS and the latest one Apple iPhone 7- The next generation iPhone with iOS 10, you can run any third-party app available on iTune store. iPhone is incomplete without these apps and makes sure you have these apps for a fantastic experience.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps One Should Not Miss

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the top applications which can ensure that your productivity gets the much-needed boost. This is actually a free application which is pretty easy to use and can be very helpful in taking notes whenever you need them.

  1. Facebook

There is no introduction needed over here. The best social networking application which can ensure connectivity with your friends is undoubtedly Facebook. The app is very well optimized to ensure good productivity. It won’t be wrong to say that there is no another application which can offer better interaction possibility.

  1. Flipboard

This is a very interesting application which can be very useful to always stay in sync with what’s happening in the world. The application will cumulate all the data from your social networks, blogs, and pages which you like to follow and show them to you in the form of the magazine. It will make staying in sync with all that’s trending very easy.

  1. Google Maps

GPS is one of the most important and effective uses of iPhones. Getting maps on your iPhone can ensure that you never get lost. Google maps are the best when it comes to all the other map service. They have very nicely optimized their application for iOS and can ensure that you get accurate results. This is one application which can certainly make your travel easy.

  1. Gmail

In today’s world, Gmail is the best email service which can give you good results and perfect interface to make your communication better. Gmail is loaded with many other features such as sync of contacts and calendars and an interface which will make mailing a lot fun.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is today the best photo sharing application which can let you share your favorite photos with all your friends. If we look at the iOS version of the application then it’s way faster and easy to use.

  1. Netflix

Netflix, just like the many other applications which are included over here has become a cultural phenomenon. Here you can watch some of the best original series and movies which can entertain you to the fullest. This app is unique to iOS.

  1. Slacker Radio

Music is another very important factor which is why we all buy a good phone. In iOS, Slacker Radio is one of the best music/radio streaming applications which can keep you hooked for hours.

  1. SnapChat

SnapChat can be a lot of fun to be used. It can ensure that you stay connected with your friends but at the same time, it can provide you some of the most entertaining moments to capture and share.

  1. Twitter

Another very widely popular social media platform which is popular among its users is Twitter. This app is one of the best 10 must have iPhone apps one should not miss. The platform is very well optimized for iOS and can provide the faster way to connect with the world.

iPhone is not an iPhone without these excellent apps that make life pretty easy and convenient. The smartest way to use iPhone is to have the apps that ensure productivity. What better way to enjoy using your iPhone and boost productivity at the same time.

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