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Top 5 best VPN services For Singapore in 2018

Top 5 best VPN services For Singapore in 2018 Posted On
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Singapore, a major tourist destination in Asia, is also known as a major and a thriving economy in the continent.  However, in terms of internet access freedom, its legal stance is somewhat polarizing. The Singapore authorities have implemented cyber laws that may restrict internet access and online content freedom of the users. This is applicable both for the residents as well as tourists visiting the Lion city. To ensure you can access the internet and stream online services minus censorship and limitations while touring Singapore, it is advisable to use a VPN service. There are several VPN providers and you need to pick the apt one for your needs.

Reasons to use a VPN service in Singapore

It is not only the govt imposed censorships on internet access that may prompt you to use a VPN service when exploring Singapore. There can be other factors at work too. For instance, you may want to watch U.S. Netflix, but you may get restricted to the Singapore version. That is owing to geo-restrictions imposed by the service providers. On the contrary, you may want to watch Singapore specific web content. The Singaporean government cracks down on websites with gambling content too, and piracy is not encouraged online here. By using a VPN service with a dedicated Singapore VPN server, you can bypass these limitations. Using a good VPN service also safeguards you from online snooping by ISPs. You may opt for VPN free trial packages initially.

Top VPN services for use in Singapore

There are so many VPN services that picking the best VPN provider for use in Singapore may seem tough. However, you can pick from the below-listed VPNs for the best experience:


This is one of the most popular VPNs used across the world and it will fit your bill for use in Singapore too. It has versions for both Mac OS and windows along with Smartphone apps and browser extensions. It will suit the needs of casual and advanced users alike. While it lets you use just 3 connections on a plan, the benefits outweigh the limitations. It can be installed on your router too. If streaming is your main need, you can go for it with eyes closed! It has servers in 94 countries. There are a couple of servers in Singapore too. ExpressVPN also trounces most rivals in sheer internet speed.



NordVPN has a strong position among the contenders for the slot of the best VPN Its servers are spread in 60 countries- therefore giving you enough scope to bypass geography restrictions on streaming content. If you are looking for VPN service with enough Singapore VPN servers, it wins hands down. There are 42 servers in Singapore. Speed is typically good, but sometimes the connections may slow down a bit. There are clients for major OS and Smartphone apps are available too. It also scores owing to the usage of double-hop encryption.



CyberGhost is among the popular VPN services used in Singapore. It adheres to zero user log policy-good for privacy-conscious users. The servers are spread in 60 countries and it also has Singapore VPN servers. Speed wise it may not impress you. However, the good thing is that you do not have to face any bandwidth caps. The desktop clients have a unique dynamic tile interface. The company also offers robust support and good security. Pricing plans are quite easy on the wallet.



IPVanish is famous for the huge network of servers. In Singapore alone, you can select from 20 servers! It can be used across almost all platforms. Security is robust owing to the deployment of 256-bit encryption.


Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is a simple VPN service which is good for usage in Singapore. The apps resemble mobile apps. It has servers in 40+ countries. It works well for streaming Geo-restricted content.



VyprVPN is among top VPN providers in Singapore. This Switzerland based company has enough servers spread across 64 countries. There is no bandwidth capping but speeds are on the slow side compared to other VPN providers.


Should you use free VPNs in Singapore?

Like some visitors to Singapore, you may feel like using free VPN Singapore services. However, this is not a practical idea. The free VPNs come with several restrictions and those include data and bandwidth limits. If you want to stream content- very soon you will run out of quota-while using the free VPN Plans. Besides, the majority of Free VPNs do not have zero user data logging-so your online privacy may be at risk

Summing it up

The majority of paid VPN providers offer VPN free trial for the users and you should avail the options. This way you can figure out the best suitable VPN for use in Singapore.

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