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9 Top Websites for Downloading Free PC Game Titles

9 Top Websites for Downloading Free PC Game Titles Posted On
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Looking for a new title or finding a classical game for PC is somewhat more challenging than for console gaming. A lot of software libraries consist of clones, trojan-injected, installers, and free malware.

Other pages mix up online games with downloadable titles, misleading users and wasting time. We looked into the most popular software catalogues, analyzed their advantages and drawbacks, and made the list of our top picks.



All is the gaming library veteran. It started in 200s as a small gaming catalogue but over time developed into one of the biggest online gaming libraries for PC. Several years ago, the website’s team did an interface redesign, adapting the page to the requirements of modern browsers and creating flexible mobile version for Android and iOS devices.

The latest version of the website includes user forums, reviews, transparent commenting, and a title evaluation system. To download software, users need to make an account with a valid email and confirm the profile. The free subscription allows downloading up to 100 games.


  • The games in the library are sorted in the alphabetical order;
  • A rich collection of Super Mario Bros titles;
  • Active user forums and transparent commenting system;
  • Thorough moderators.


  • Advertising and misleading anchors to third-party web pages;
  • Limited customization of a search tool;
  • A restricted number of downloads in a free version.


2. Acid-Play

9 Top Websites for Downloading Free PC Game Titles

Acid-Play is one of the biggest free gaming libraries out there with more than 850 titles available. Each listed game is reviewed by a moderator, reviewed by the team and service users. Users see the evaluation score for each title and filter the games from the most to least popular.

The website has a category of featured games where all the best titles are displayed- the contents of the page change regularly depending on users’ preferences. The game genres, presented in the library, are action, adventure, arcade, driving, simulation, role-playing, and others.


  • Unofficial remakes of the classic titles of the previous decade;
  • Customizable search with agile filters;
  • Screenshots are available for each game.


  • Outdated blog;
  • Irregular game uploads;
  • The user community is not too active.



9 Top Websites for Downloading Free PC Game Titles

This website targets only classical titles from the 1980s to 200s. If you are a fan of old DOS games, you should definitely check out their free library. The website accommodates hundreds of abandonware. These are games that you will most likely not find elsewhere, considering that they are no longer being released or supported by their development companies.

However, some of the titles are not supported by the latest versions of Windows. You will most likely have to install a reliable DOS emulator – the website has those in the catalogue as well.


  • In-depth game reviews with detailed screenshots;
  • Unique titles, published only in this catalogue.


  • Old interface and no mobile version;
  • The support forum and blogs are no longer supported.



9 Top Websites for Downloading Free PC Game Titles

An only-freeware download website, no demo versions or malware. All titles are personally tested by moderators and approved by users. The library is not too big, but the quality prevails over quantity here.

The most popular categories are Arcade, Adventure, Space shooter, Puzzles, Breakouts, and Xmas games. Additionally, the platform publishes education titles for players of all age and experience and accommodates more than 30 categories.

The last update was published in 2010, however, the links are still valid, and the website has become a unique source of lesser-known earlier-published titles.


  • Detailed guides and digests with helpful gaming resources;
  • Rich gaming catalogue with multiple categories.


  • Irregular updates;
  • Outdated titles;
  • Inactive user discussions.



Fullgames collects free gaming software in action, logic, strategic, simulation, adventurous, RPG, sports, and other categories. The website also features free demos – they are uploaded in the separate catalogue and don’t mix up with free games.

The website also features a unique category – game movies. These can be downloaded or previewed online. If you need to find a specific title, you can use a search bar. The platform supports advanced search with agile filters and customization settings.


  • Simple edgy interface;
  • Ad-free, no irrelevant third-party links, and pop-ups.
  • A rich variety of content – hundreds of games, demos, and gamified movies.


  • The website is not kid-friendly since it features a lot of age-restricted content;
  • Irregular uploads;
  • No active user community.


6. Home of the Undergods

A rich library of freeware and abandonware with out-of-print titles and vintage classics. The catalogue’s limitation is quite limited so you have to rely on your own judgment to avoid malware and unsolicited demos.

The platform has a detailed guide to game emulation tools like Xpadder for Windows 10 or popular DOS-emulators for latest Windows versions.

The website has an active user community – its users even supported redesigns and functionality upgrades. If you want to join an enthusiastic gaming community or find teammates, it’s a great meetup place.

After the last update, managers removed the possibility to download games directly from the website’s server. Instead, the page collects the list of links from which the files can be obtained for free. So, the platform is still perfectly suitable for game downloads, only the procedure got more complicated.


  • Hundreds of categories and thousands of available titles;
  • Helpful guides on emulators and game settings.


  • In the latest version, there is no possibility of direct download;
  • Political advertising.


7. Liberated Games

Even though the website no longer hosts games at its own server, it’s still a rich catalogue or freeware titles. Users, however, have to open third-party links with game files. These links are proven by moderators and usually safe, still, the possibility to catch an accidental malware is much higher.

The website provides a detailed description of each published games with screenshots and reviews. On top of that, the library features all copyright information for confidential titles. All games have a personalized review from the website’s managers.


  • Personalized approach to reviewing each uploaded title;
  • Detailed reviews for each published game;
  • A rich library of old and new indie games.


  • Rare posts and file updates;
  • Games are not hosted on the website’s server;
  • An outdated interface.


8. Steam

A primary gaming platform both for commercial pad games and freeware. The platform is a leader of the market when it comes to purchasing title but its free library is almost just as good. Free games, demo versions, and long-term trials -you can find thousands of offer for each category.

The website features more than 500 free titles, as well as Dota 2, Path of Exile, and others. The most popular categories are shooters, multiplayer games, arcades. RPGs, simulators, and others.

Being one of the most popular gaming platforms worldwide, Steam has gathered a very active community of games all over the world. Here you can receive timely updates on new releases and version uploads, discuss bugs and technical issues, and assemble gaming teams.

The platform features games for PC only as well as those that can be connected to consoles. If you use both, this is definitely your primary download destination. On top of that. Steam has a built-in streaming tool, although the streaming quality, is rather low.


  • The possibility to stream the gameplay and exchange screenshots real-time;
  • The most active gaming community worldwide;
  • Thousands of commercial and free titles for PC and consoles.


  • Technical supports sometimes leaves user requests unanswered;
  • The most popular titles are mainstream ones, whereas rare titles should be looked for specifically.


9. Ocean of Games

Unlike other websites on the list that publish the games with a freeware license, this one also collects games that have a commercial license. The website, therefore, could be considered illegal which, however, does not discourage its multiple users. Even though downloading commercial software is a legally dubious activity, many gamers regard this as a possibility to save money. For them, in fact, it seems to be a perfect opportunity to get paid titles for free.

Other than that, the website can be considered one of the best libraries out there. The catalogue offers various categories with thousands of titles available. Each game has a detailed guide to the functionality and 3-4 screenshots.


  • A huge choice of available free titles;
  • Multiple categories and advanced search;
  • Free mods, trainers, and DLC in a separate category.


  • Legal issues;
  • Outdated interface.



This is our list of top websites with free PC games, some of those published new titles while others focus only on classics. Some platforms, like Steam, support commercial games and allow online streaming, others are maintained by a couple of enthusiasts. Either way, you can pick your favourite platform or check updates on several platforms.

Luckily, there are plenty of great options – just choose, download favourite titles, and enjoy the ride.


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