What’s Earwax Made Of and How To Deal With It?

What's Earwax Made Of and How To Deal With It? Posted On
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It may seem weird to you that human beings produce wax naturally. This domain is of bees; of course. But those who use cotton swab know that human beings do generate a good amount of earwax. But most of us keep wondering what’s earwax made of and how does earwax made of?

Although earwax is usually spotted in the outer ear, it is actually made inside the ear canal, in between your middle ear, visible ear, and outer ear. This ear canal is lined with wax-producing ceruminous glands. These glands produce cerumen, a technical name for earwax. Cerumen helps in trapping debris, dust, and microorganisms. It helps in coating the ear canal through a water-resistant lining. Sebum, which is a fatty secretion of skin and dead skin cells, also contributes to the making of earwax.

What’s Earwax Made Of?

Basically, earwax made up of 60% keratin, a kind of protein; the remaining 40% is the combination of other compounds, cholesterols, fatty acids and dead skin cells. Every person’s earwax made up of same basic composition but the color and texture of the substance differ.

People originating from north-eastern Asian countries like Korea and China are likely to have dry earwax. Usually, dry earwax could be hard and black or red in color; Or could be flaky and have pale yellow color. For remaining others, earwax can be gooey and ranges from reddish-orange hue to yellowish-orange color.

How can you deal with ear-wax and earwax made?

You might wonder what you could do about this icky earwax. Well, it’s nothing. Earwax is one of those things that protect your body from debris, dust particles and other foreign invading bacteria. It blocks the bacteria and debris that try to enter the ear. Additionally, earwax is self-cleaning. It flakes out of the ear eventually.

Thus, unless there is a lot of itching or excessive earwax built, you can leave it as it is. If you find a lot of earwax gathered, consult your doctor immediately. Instruments like cotton swab are commonly used for removing earwax, it can actually damage the ear by pushing the ear wax deeper inside the ear or leaving behind loose cotton in the ear canal.



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