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Where To Get Birth Control Pills Online Without Prescription

Where To Get Birth Control Pills Online Without Prescription Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

Where to get birth control pills online without prescription: I know it is difficult for you to purchase birth control pills without a prescription. I have faced the trauma and was sick of the procedure to visit the doctor for a refill each time! So, if you are looking for a refill or starting one, and not finding a doctor that you can trust, then you can pick anyone from the apps or the websites that deliver the pills at your doorstep.

Both American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and American Association of Family Physicians agree that contraception pills are safe. That said, if you are a resident of the state of Washington, Oregon, and California in the USA, then you do not require any prescription to buy the pills! However, you may not find in a pharmacy that’s near to your locality.

Currently, contraceptive methods include the use of oral, injectable, ring, and patch, which all require a valid prescription across the 47 states of the USA. However, you can find both condoms and spermicides like milk and bread, as they are available over-the-counter.

If it is your first time, then it is preferable to seek medical assistance and trust the doctor. However, there is no connection between contraception pills and regular examinations. It is here that the applications and third-party websites back you up!

So, before you sign up with a website or app, understand that there is a difference to buy birth control online with that of the standard telemedicine services. The process involves you to fill a questionnaire involving medical information and a few strange requests: uploading your photo and sending the blood pressure reading. The details that you provide change according to the requirement and depending on the state’s law. In some instances, you have to complete the video call with the doctor before the website accepts your online request for the refill.

Where To Get Birth Control Pills Online Without Prescription- Best Online Services To Gat Online Contraceptive Pills 2018

1.     The pill Club

You can buy birth control online using the services provided by The Pill Club. You can pick birth control pills, emergency contraception, the ring, and the patch. You also have the choice to change the pharmacy! If you are using the pill for the first time, you can get the prescription by paying $15. If you have an insurance, you can get both the consultation and medicines for free. Low-cost options are also available, which you can avail, in case, you do not have an insurance. You will receive the pills right at your doorstep, as you deserve the right and the privacy!

Web Link:


2.     Nurx

You can order birth control online without the need for a prescription or visit a pharmacy. You can browse through the 40 brands that are offering the pills. Additional products include ring, patches, and emergency contraceptive pills. I choose the services of Nurx personally. If you are picking the pills for the first time, then I suggest you check with the same, as you will find all the brands under one hood. I am using my insurance to cover the expenses. If you have one, use the same to buy the pills without paying a penny. The shipping is free across the country.

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3.     Lemonaid

You can buy birth control online with the help of Lemonaid, which you can access on Android, iOS, and web. You can search for the drug for a quick refill. Moreover, you can pick medicines for erectile dysfunction and acid reflux. The provider sends the prescription to the local pharmacy for a fee of $15. You can choose the medications using your insurance, which brings down the total cost to almost $0. You can maintain a low profile when you use the services.

Web Link:




4.     PlushCare

PlushCare helps you to get birth control online medicines with ease. All you have to do is complete the questionnaire related to the health and the use of any existing birth control pills. The doctor will go through the questionnaire and offer you the preferred pill or any other type of control type. You can pick up the medicines from any of the pharmacies in your locality. All you have to do is choose the one that you prefer. Your insurance should cover the expenses ($99 for the doctor appointment plus the cost of the medicines).

Web Link:




5.     PRJKT Ruby

Available as a web service, PRJKT Ruby offers services to all the states. However, you may not find all the brands like that of the Nurx. You can search the availability before placing an order. The only way you can get birth control online is after completing the video call or the questionnaire. You will receive the pills in the mail at your doorstep. The sad thing, they do not accept insurance. However, the bonus you receive for this is the availability of emergency contraception.

Web Link:


6.     Planned Parenthood Care

You can choose planned parenthood if you are living in particular states for purchasing birth control pills, patches, and rings. After successful creation of the account and completion of the video call with a health care provider, you will receive the medicines delivered at your doorstep. You have to shed more than $25 if your insurance expired. Make sure you have one to get the drugs at $0! Although shipping is free, it can take at least a week for arrival.  Therefore, plan according to your requirement.

Web Link:


7.     Virtuwell

Virtuwell is another place where you can get birth control pills online without a prescription. You can get a prescription for contraceptives online and the online visit will cost you $45. However, you can apply for the insurance, which reduces the cost. After completion of the assessment, Virtuwell will send the prescription to the local pharmacy from where you can pick the medicines.

Web Link:



You have different birth control options. However, the active medium is the use of a contraceptive pill, which requires a valid prescription. I know it is tedious to get one, but with the apps and web services explained above, you can purchase birth control pills without prescription with ease. You no longer have to worry about where to get birth control medicines. After going through the rough personal experience, I have come up with this data to guide you when you are in the want of the pills. You can make use of the information provided above to pick the one that best fulfills your necessity.

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